The tuck rule  

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The tuck rule

“Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to be a woman. I have a full-length mirror in my bathroom, and before I get dressed I will tuck myself between my legs just to see. And, um, it's uncomfortable. So maybe I do understand.”

Michael Scott

The name Tuck Rule Game originates from the controversial game-changing . In the , Raiders' cornerback Charles Woodson sacked Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, which initially appeared to cause a fumble eventually recovered by Raiders' linebacker Greg Biekert. If it was a fumble, it would have almost certainly sealed the game for Oakland. Officials reviewed the , and eventually determined even though Brady had seemingly halted his passing motion and was attempting to "tuck" the ball back into his body, it was an incomplete pass and not a fumble under the then-effective NFL rules. As a result, the original was overturned, and the ball was given back to the Patriots, who subsequently moved the ball into field goal range.

This weekend there was a fundraiser/thing for the 10th anniversary of Iowa saying gay marriage was fine . There were several people at this event who some would say were men wearing what some would say were women’s clothing . This led to an extensive conversation about tucking . I had never really thought about it before but now I have it doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense . How do you sit down without crushing your balls ? How do you even stand straight ? Seems like would be really hard on your junk .

There’s a new show on Showtime called Warrior is about Kung Fu fighting in San Francisco in the 1800s . I’ve only watched the first episode yet I feel comfortable saying if you like 100% nude Asian ladies this show is for you . A while back with Breaking Bad and Mad Men and so forth they decided it was the golden age of TV . I pretty sure now , thanks to the influence of Game of Thrones we are in the golden age of TV nudity . A while back in one of the episodes of the Simpsons where they were in the future they made a joke about hardcore porn being on normal TV . I think we’re solidly on track for being rule in a couple .

They released a teaser trailer for Star Wars 9 – The Skywalkering . It was pretty cool but confused/annoyed because it seemed like in the Last Jedi (which everyone hated) they put to rest the idea Rey is Luke’s daughter , which I was glad of because was too obvious for , but now it seems to be back in . I mean what else could it be about ? But I did like the Emperor is coming back . See in the extended universe the Emperor became a dark side ghost and went into a clone body he had prepared just in case anyone threw him down a huge Death Star Shaft . Which is neat .

I watched a trailer for the Joker movie . It looks pretty great . I predict the end of the movie will be one of the people stirred by all the Joker’s shenanigans killing Martha and Thomas Wayne and creating the Batman .

In 1990 there was a TV movie called Archie – To Riverdale and Back Again which was sold on VHS as Archie Return to Riverdale or sometimes Archie Reunion Weekend . They used to do a lot back in the day , change the name of a TV movie when it was sold on VHS . I wonder why . Must be some legal thing ?
Even though I wasn’t into Archie all I loved this movie . For some reason I really liked the dude who played Archie . And this could be a false memory because it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing would be on an NBC Sunday Night Movie in 1990 but I feel like there was a mildly racy scene of some kind 13 was really into .

The internet says this movie is “awful” but it has a 6 on IMBD so it can’t be bad . Even though there’s not many things 13 loved hold well . It was supposed to be a pilot for a series but it got crushed in the ratings so it didn’t happen . I assume ’s why the end of the movie Archie stays in Riverdale for essentially no reason .

In this movie Archie and Betty discuss an incident wherein they had to visit a sleazy motel together after their car broke down , Betty's parents misunderstood and tried to force them into a shotgun wedding . Archie misremembers the events and thinks they did actually have sex . What was supposed to be about ? Are they saying Archie was such a huge man- he can’t even keep track of his sex life ? I feel like if you were about to be shotgun weddinged you’d remember clearly if you banged . Or was Betty lying about them banging for some reason ? What was happening ?

The NBS Sunday movie the week before was the New Archies and the week after was Sabrina the Teenage Witch . I never saw either of these , was the entire Sunday Movie lineup based on Archie ?

I never saw the new IT movie . Did they keep the part where they’re lost in the sewers and all hope is lost so they run a train on the in the group which gives them the resolve to fight on ? I feel like I asked this before and no one answered . Steven King , he’s a heck of a writer !

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If you're going to be lady-like and do a junk tuck then you'll be lady-like enough to perch delicately on the edge of the chair.

I put the sex in sexagenarian

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4/17/2019 8:07 am

There was a scene where Betty and Veronica were simultaneously seducing Archie in different rooms of a house, each unbeknownst to the other. Betty gave him an erotic story she wrote. Veronica was doing the trench coat thing. I think Archie panicked and got the hell out of there. Jughead’s son was impressed. Pop Tate at the Chocklit Shoppe smelled trouble.

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