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The great outdoors, part 1  

3somethriller 48M
0 posts
8/5/2021 11:09 pm
The great outdoors, part 1

It's a sunny summer morning and Blake, Cezanne, and I meet at a secluded spot I know about. I drop the tailgate of my truck and spread out a thick blanket in the bed and another the ground behind the truck. We thought about loading their fabulous nightstand in the back of the truck, the one with the toys, but we decided not to. We brought what we thought we would need and we lay them out the blanket. There's a double dildo that looks huge and there's a bottle of lubricant. When the stage set, we begin by taking turns undressing each other.
First we undress Cezanne. We take our time. Blake unzips the back of her sundress. He caresses her shoulders and pulls the dress down and lets it drop the ground. I kneel in front of her and lightly kiss her stomach and let my hand run the inside of her thigh as she slightly spreads her legs make room for my hand's journey the wonderful warm spot between her legs. I slip my fingers inside her panties and discover her shaved pussy, already warm and inviting. Blake unsnaps her bra and slips his hands around her into the cups, rubbing her nipples between his fingers until they perk up, erect. I pull her panties down and she steps out of both her panties and her dress. He and I let our hands and mouths wander over her skin which is lightly glistening with perspiration. He comes around to her front and takes her nipples into him mouth, gently sucking on them. He picks her up and sits her on the tailgate and continues to kiss her breasts while I nuzzle up to her pussy and start kissing and licking her. She has one hand on the back of Blake's head and one hand on the back of my head, encouraging us not to stop too soon. But we have to stop. It's Blake's turn.
Cezanne reluctantly climbs off the tailgate and pulls off Blake's t-shirt while I unbuckle his belt, unsnap and unzip his pants, and pull his pants and underwear down as he quickly doffs his sandals. His cock is already starting to stiffen as a light breeze cools his skin. She lets her hands and mouth caress is back down to his ass and then she kisses around his hips and joins me before him. Both of us drop to our knees. Her eyes are bright as she watches me take her husband's cock in one hand while I caress his balls with the other and then take his cock into my mouth. She slips an index finger into and out of her mouth, clearly fantasizing about her man's cock in another man's mouth. She takes her wet finger and slips it into his ass. Blake lets out a little moan of pleasure and rests one hand on the top of my head and slowly pumps his cock in my mouth, eyes closed. I hear her let out a light moan as she begins rubbing her pussy with the other hand. As good as this is, I pulls Blake's cock out of my mouth and stand up. It's my turn.
The two of them, naked, are before me, Blake standing and Cezanne on her knees. He begins unbuttoning my shirt while she slips my shorts down. I don't wear underwear, so she is pleasantly surprised by my fully erect cock greeting her. It's my turn to lightly moan and a quick shudder escapes my body as I feel her warm mouth take my cock in. After he has my shirt off, he places a hand behind his wife's head and the other hand on my ass and presses my cock deeper into his wife's throat. I can see a little, mischievous smile across his face. After catching my eye, he slowly wets one of his fingers and then slips it into my ass. I close my eyes and just enjoy the moment, but it only lasts a moment longer. Cezanne pulls my cock out of her mouth and Blake pulls his finger out of my ass.
Blake and I help Cezanne into the back of my truck and she lays on her back and spreads her legs. Her pussy is glistening in the sunlight, warm, wet, and inviting. I bend over the tailgate of the truck and begin hungrily licking her pussy and slipping my fingers inside her then licking my fingers. I take turns sliding my tongue into her and then my fingers. He gets the lubricant and puts some in his right hand. I feel his left hand on my ass, spreading my cheeks slightly, and then a finger slip into my ass. He starts with one, then two, then fingers, loosening my ass for what's about come. She takes the lubricant from him and gets one end of the dildo slick and ready and hands it him. He takes the dildo in his left hand, pulls his right hand out of my ass, then slips the dildo in. As he moves the dildo in and out, he presses the head of the dildo against my prost stroking it as he loosens my ass. Soon my ass is fully lubricated on its own. He pulls the dildo out and hands it back his wife. Cezanne sits and pushes my face away from her pussy, swollen and wet, which I reluctantly leave. Cezanne smiles at my disappointment, strokes my cheek with a finger, and says, “Don’t worry, you can have me soon. Right now I want watch and I want you full experience what my husband is about do you, without the distraction of my pussy.”
She sits a little and bends the side watch as much as she can as he grabs my ass cheeks, spreads them wide, and then slides his swollen cock into my ass. I moan in pleasure as he pumps his cock in and out of my ass. My ass must be adapting to these two, because I can feel his balls slapping against my ass. This is the first time he has been able to bury his huge cock all the way in my ass while he is fully erect. Cezanne takes the dildo and turns onto her stomach, gets her hands and knees her ass towards , and then bends the dildo in half. She takes the unused end and slides it into her pussy, no lubricant necessary, and starts to slowly fuck herself. She fumbles with the other end, trying to guide it into her ass, which I gladly help her do. Once I have my hand on the bend of the dildo, I slide both ends deep into her. As I fuck her in the ass and the pussy with the dildo, she moans with pleasure. Her husband is watching this and encourages her as she rocks her body back and forth, enjoying every inch of both ends of the dildo. He is pumping his cock faster into my ass and I can tell he is getting close. When he feels like he's fucked about as much as he can without cumming, he slowly slides his cock out of my ass and asks turn around. She takes over with the dildo and makes room for in the bed of the truck. I lay my stomach with my head hanging off the end of the tailgate. His rock-hard cock is throbbing before . I lightly caress his cock, admiring it. It feels so good in my hand. He lifts my head with one hand and I open my mouth invite his cock in. His cock is warm and still wet from my ass. I see wweet pre-cum is beading the head of his cock and I quickly lick it off and then slide his cock into my mouth. I feel his hands either side of my head and he starts slowly slide his cock deeper into my throat. I my tongue over and around his cock and he begins to slowly pump in and out of my mouth. I cup his balls and playfully pull on them with one hand. I reach back behind with my other hand and extend a finger which she takes into her mouth and wets liberally. I take my now thoroughly wet finger, reach between his legs, and slip it into his ass. I hunt for and find his prostate and start to massage it, which quickens the pace of his thrusts into my mouth with his cock. He must be watching deep throat him but how could he not be watching his wife too. I feel her climb top of straddling my hips. I then feel one end of the dildo slide back into my ass. It's warm and wet from her ass. The other end is still deep inside her pussy. She has shown incredible endurance and self-control as she pumps and down , the dildo sliding between us. The juice from her pussy runs down the shaft of the dildo and helps further lubricate the end sliding in and out of my ass. Cezanne is watching her husband throat fucking and Blake is watching his wife fuck my ass and herself with the dildo. It's too much and self-control is only good to a point.
They both climax at the time. Her cries begin first and she begins wildly buck top of . Then his moans become almost a roar as his cum explodes in my mouth. It feels like it must have been months since he came because he keeps cumming, pumping out more and more, filling my mouth. His pumping slow down and his body spasms out the last few spurts of cum. He almost pulls his cock out of my mouth, but I still have my finger in his ass and don't let him go. I gently suck every last drop from his cock before letting his cock go. I hold his cum in my mouth for a moment, savoring his flavor, and then swallow his load. As I slip my finger out of his ass, a few rogue drops of cum seep out of his cock, so I quickly take hold of his cock with my hand and slide his cock back into my mouth so none of his cum is wasted. I milk his cock with my hands and mouth until I'm confident he is finished. She lays down on my back, dildo still shared between us, and kisses my back gently. She moans as she slides the dildo out of her pussy and then gently pulls it out of my ass.
They look at each other and laugh lightly, happy in the moment and content as could be. I am content too. This has been one of my favorite fantasies. But there's a huge problem and it's throbbing between my legs at this moment. I tell them about another<b> fantasy </font></b>I have.

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