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Interlude and memories, part 3  

3somethriller 48M
0 posts
8/5/2021 11:11 pm
Interlude and memories, part 3

I am at Blake’s and Cezanne’s house where I met Cezanne’s younger (“much younger” if you ask Celeste) sister. Despite their age difference, Celeste and Cezanne are so much alike. The afternoon began not so innocently enough with us both naked in a hot tub where Celeste asked me to tell her about some of my favorite memories with Blake and Cezanne. In the process of remembering, we both got turned on and then it just happened. We made love in the hot tub where we had both cum. We made love in the dining room and living room, where I had cum in Celeste’s mouth. But we aren’t finished.
We walk down the hallway towards the back of the house, touching and caressing each other as we go, and get to Blake's and Cezanne's bedroom. Celeste opens the door and we walk in. I look at the bed and let out a little laugh. "What is it?" Celeste asks. Blake and Celeste have made their bed, but there's a pillow right in the middle of the bed and I know which pillow that is. "That pillow has seen a lot," I explain to Celeste. "It's the pillow we use when we'e making love to each other. I started calling it our 'fucking pillow' because that's what we use it for." I pick the pillow up, bring it to my face, and breath deeply. It still smells of Cezanne, Blake, and me and I smile.
"So, what kind of trouble can we get into in here?" Celeste asks innocently.
"Let me show you." I answer and walk over to Blake and Cezanne’s magical nightstand. "This is where the pleasure treasure is kept," I quip and slide the drawer open. I'm a little worried that Blake and Cezanne might have taken all their toys with them, but they were flying and they probably didn't like the idea of their treasure being pawed by the TSA and maybe even brought out for public inspection. I sigh in relief when I see that everything is in its place. "Why don't we take turns picking?" I ask, "You can go first, but before you pick, I insist that at least one of the things you pick has to be a strap-on that Cezanne uses on Blake and me."
"This must be it," Celeste says as she draws out Cezanne's strap-on dildo. The two dildos Cezanne used on me are still attached. Celeste's eyes get wide as she figures out how the strap-on works. "I'll tell you now that I have never been fucked in my ass, ever. In fact, until you slipped my finger into my ass, my ass had only ever been a one-way street. I don't see any way that that dildo is going to fit into my ass."
"We'll start small then and work our way up." I say and pick a much smaller dildo with a flared tip tapering up to a slender neck and a slightly larger dildo shaped like a cock. "Before we begin though, let's go to the bathroom. I need to teach you a few tricks before I start your education."
We head to the bathroom and I start rummaging through the drawers and looking in the cabinets. "Ah, there it is. I knew they must have one or something like it." and pull out a hot water bottle with a long hose attached and a smooth wand at the end of the hose.
"What is that for?" Celeste asks with a little trepidation.
"Well, I'll go first show you how it's done. If you're going enjoy anal sex, you have to clean yourself out first." I run the water in the sink until it's nice and warm, then fill up the bottle and secure the cap. Cezanne and Blake have a large pump bottle of lubricant in the bathroom and I squeeze a little onto the wand. I bend over and slide the wand into my ass and release the catch, allowing warm water to fill my ass. I stop the flow, sit on the toilet, and squeeze the water out of my ass. "I have to say that I have never had someone watch me do this before," I observe and Celeste laughs.
"Yeah, I have to say I've never watched anyone do this before either."
I clean myself two more times until the water flows clean out of me. I fill up the bottle again, wipe the wand off with a wet wipe, and lubricate it for her. I pat her on the hip to position her ass in front of me. Her ass is beautiful, I have to say. I then gently spread her cheeks and slip the wand in. When I release the catch and the warm water fills her ass, she sighs and says, “That feels good. I think I got how it works now, but why don't you do the honors.” She imitates what I did, cleaning herself out and wiping herself clean with a wet wipe. When she finishes, she stands there before me, her nude body enticing me to touch and kiss and enter.
I take her by the hand. "Now that you're really clean," I say and turn her around and position her ass right in front of me as I sit on the edge of the tub. I put my hand on the small of her bend her over and I hear her gasp as she feels my tongue slip into her ass and then into her pussy, which is wet, and not from the water. I spend a few minutes, moving between her ass and her pussy, licking and sliding my fingers inside her pussy. Then I stand up but Celeste stays bent over. She looks at and says, "Are you stopping already?" She reluctantly stands up. She takes me by the hand and leads us back into the bedroom. When we get to the bed, I position her facing the bed and bend her over. She stretches her arms and then coyly looks over her shoulder at me. "I'm nervous," Celeste admits, as I gently caress her ass, running my finger down the cleft of her ass.
"I understand. I was nervous my first time too, but then I learned the secret. You have to completely relax, don't resist it when I start slide the dildo in. Here's a trick. When you feel the dildo against your rectum, push like you're trying to push something out. That relaxes your rectum. Push until the head of the dildo gets inside you, then concentrate on your ass and relax every muscle you can and just let it slide in." I take the smaller wand dildo, lubricate it, and place the tip against Celeste's rectum. I see her push and her rectum swells and I slip the tip in. I stop then say, "Okay, now relax". She relaxes and I slide it the rest of the way in and turn the vibrator in the dildo on low.
"Okay," she says, "that feels good. No, that feels amazing." As I slowly slide the dildo into and out of her ass, I say to her, "Close your eyes and concentrate on the feel of the dildo sliding inside you." and she does. After a few minutes of this, I slowly pull the dildo out of her ass and pick up the slightly larger one. "This dildo will feel a little more like a cock inside your ass, but it's still pretty small. Not as large as I am or as large as the dildo in the strap-on, but it's a step in the right direction."
I lubricate the dildo and place the head of the dildo against Celeste's rectum again and I gently slide it in and again turn on the vibrator in this dildo. She gasps a little and I see her relaxing her entire body as I slide the dildo in and out of her ass. I keep this going for a little longer, getting her used to having something inside her ass. After a few minutes of this, I take one of our outstretched hands and bring it back to the dildo and put her hand on it.
"Keep this going to for a little while I get something else." I tell her and reach for the strap-on dildo while Celeste continues sliding the dildo in and out of her ass slowly. I see her experiment with different angles and holding the dildo in different spots inside her, exploring her body in ways she had never before. I disconnect the dildo Cezanne had in her pussy from the strap-on dildo and quickly clean it (just in case Cezanne forgot). It's a little larger than the size of the dildo Celeste currently has inside her. I put a little lubricant on the dildo and spread it over the shaft and head.
"I want to increase the complexity of the pleasure you're experiencing." I tell her as I move back behind her. She let's go of the dildo in her ass and it starts to slip out so I quickly catch it and keep it inside her. "You keep this one going," I tell her and she takes the dildo again and resumes sliding it in and out of her. I take the other the dildo and slip it into her pussy. She gasps in pleasure. I keep this up for a few more minutes. I keep the dildo in her pussy and take her hand on the dildo in her ass and slowly pulls the dildo out of her. I lay the dildo beside her on the bed, take her hand again, and guide it between her legs. She takes the dildo and starts to fuck herself with it. I reach over to the nightstand and squeeze a little lubricate into my hand and take my cock in my hand, lubricating it liberally. I place the head of my cock against her ass and Celeste's hand holding the dildo deep in her pussy freezes. "Deep breath and let it out and relax." I say and she does and I slide my cock into her ass. "Oh my," she says and starts moving the dildo in her pussy again as I slide my cock in and out of her ass. I can tell her ass is getting warmed up and her pussy is so wet I see her juice starting run down the front of her pussy. I catch it on my fingers before it can drip on the floor and put my fingers in Celeste's mouth and she hungrily sucks the juice off my fingers.
"I think you're ready now." I tell her. I reluctantly pull my cock out of her ass and she reluctantly pulls the dildo out of her pussy. We get the strap-on. I reconnect the dildo Celeste had been using and lubricate the two dildos meant for her. I have her bend over the bed again and tell her, "Another deep breath, then let it out and relax" and as she does, I slide the dildos into her ass and her pussy. I want to be careful not to hurt her because I plan to fuck her in the ass again when she's done fucking me in the ass. I turn her around and help her attach the straps. She starts bending and pushing her ass to the rear, moving the dildo's inside her, and I find the remote<b> control </font></b>for them and turn them on. I hear the buzz of the vibrators in both dildos running and she moans and grabs the dildo jutting out from the front of the strap-on and starts stroking it. "You better get on the fucking pillow or I'm going to orgasm before I even have a chance to fuck you." She manages to get out. I climb up in the bed and tell her, "I am so ready for this."
She quickly gets up on her knees behind me. She fumbles with the lubricant, getting gel on the bed, which she scoops up with her hand and spreads on the dildo in front of her. I feel the head of the enormous dildo pressing against my ass. Celeste bends over and whispers in my ear, "Deep breath" and I feel her lean forward, pressing the dildo slowly into my ass, then she's in. I relax and sigh with pleasure as she starts to fuck me. As she pumps the dildo in and out of my ass, she watches in fascination as my ass easily expands to take the dildo in. She starts pumping slowly, and asks between gasps escaping from her mouth she pants, "Is this... how it... feels... to fuck me?"
"Oh yeah." I manage to get out before Celeste starts pumping harder. The dildo feels amazing as it stretches my ass wide. I encourage Celeste to experiment with the angles of her thrusts until I find an angle that feels particular amazing and say, "Yeah, just like that." Celeste focuses on hitting that spot inside me which she does with amazing accuracy. I reach for my now rock-hard cock and try to masturbate but it's impossible with Celeste thrusting into me with all her weight. "Celeste, let know when you are getting close to orgasming." I say.
Celeste laughs and says while panting loudly with each stroke, "Are you kidding ... I've been close... to cumming... ever since… I slipped the dildo… into your ass! ... I'm fighting... off an orgasm... with every stroke. ... I don't want... this feeling to end."
"I don't want you to orgasm yet. Let's switch things up a little." I say and Celeste slows down and then slowly draws the huge dildo out of my ass.
I roll over the edge of the bed and grab the other strap-on dildo, the one that Blake uses on Cezanne. Celeste studies this dildo and quickly figures out how it works. "Oh this is going be fun!" she says breathlessly. I quickly help Celeste out of her strap-on and disconnect the dildo from the front of Celeste's rig. I snick it into place on the inside of my strap-on. I pick-up her strap-on and say, "Pick the dildo you want inside you." Celeste selects the larger of the two remaining dildos, disconnects it, and hands it to me. I snick it into place on the outside attachment. I squeeze a little more lubricant on my dildo and slowly sit back on it. I smile broadly as the dildo slides home. When it's all the way in, I rock my hips back and forth the bed, just enjoying the feeling. This is really an amazing strap-on. The connection for the dildo in the front can be moved or down, depending where you want your cock to be in relation to the dildo. This time, I want my cock above the dildo because I plan on fucking Celeste in the ass from behind and cumming inside her ass. It will be the first time in my life I've ever taken a woman around the world in one day. I connect the snaps and extend my rock-hard cock out of the hole below the dildo. "Your turn on the fucking pillow," I say to Celeste and slap her ass lightly to encourage a little hustle. The vibrators are still running and it feels incredible inside my ass. I squeeze out a little lubricant for both my cock, which was almost rubbed raw by the linen of the pillow, and the dildo. I get behind Celeste and stop for a moment, just admiring the perfection of her ass, her thighs, her pussy. I go down on her and let my tongue run over her pussy and the cleft of her ass. I can see her ass clenching and unclenching and I slip a finger in while I run my tongue into her pussy. After a few moments, I position myself behind her. The way the strap-on is arranged, the dildo slips just inside her pussy at about the time the head of my cock slips between Celeste's ass cheeks. She reaches back with both hands and pulls her ass open wide and I slide myself in. I can feel the vibrator inside me vibrating with the one inside Celeste and it sets my balls to tingling. I start to stroke then, slowly in and slowly out, not wanting to hurt Celeste. The dildo has done its job though and her ass is nice, warm, and relaxed. My cock slides easily in and out and I find an incredible rhythm that Celeste starts to match, rocking on the pillow. She's moaning now with each stroke in and gasping with each stroke out. This feels incredible. Her ass is just perfectly warmed up for my cock and her juices are flowing from her ass and her pussy. She reaches between her legs and grabs her clit as I steadily pump my cock into her ass. If she doesn't orgasm soon, I think, I'm not going to be able to hold out. I let out a groan and concentrate on holding myself back. My balls are aching after two orgasms today, but I desperately want to share that third orgasm with Celeste. Gratefully, I hear Celeste start to moan and her free hand grabs a handful of bedspread and she pulls it to her mouth as she starts to say, " Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" over and over until she cries "Ooooooh" and let's herself go. I feel her body under me moving spasmodically and her head lifts up and drops to the bed in rhythm with her cries. I don't know if I have ever seen a woman orgasm as intensely as Celeste is and it is a wonder to behold. As soon as I think that thought, I lose<b> control </font></b>and start to cum. The dildo in my ass is pressing perfectly against my prostate and even though this is my third orgasm today, it feels like the first one. But it is the third one and the usual intense pleasure is mixed with sharp pain through my balls and prostate that causes me to cry out loudly in the room. My cries seem to encourage Celeste’s ongoing orgasm and she bucks even more wildly which in turn spurs my orgasm on. I feel my cum coursing into her ass and the friction between my cock and her ass suddenly vanishes. I slow down, keeping a gentle motion going, rocking slowly in and out, and say, “Wow.”
Celeste softly says “ my god” again. Then she starts to laugh as she takes inventory of her body and the amazing feelings she has just experience. Without warning though she starts to softly cry. She lays spent the bed while I keep slowly and gently fucking her, enjoying the afterglow of our orgasm. "What's wrong?" I gently ask her. Celeste sniffs and gets takes a deep breath. "I'm ruined." she says and softly sobs again. I don't know if this is what I should be doing because I'm treading on new ground at the moment, but I slow the rhythm of my thrusts and then stop with my cock deep in her ass and the dildo deep in her pussy. I can feel her ass muscles tighten on my cock and I'm sure her pussy is tightening on the dildo. I gently ask, "How so?" Celeste sniffs and then lets out a shaky laugh. "I will never be able to duplicate that ever again. Every other orgasm I will ever experience from this moment on will be compared to that one and won't measure up. I'm ruined."
I think about that for a moment and then smile at her and caress her hair as her head lays on the pillows. "Celeste, this is just be beginning. The better we learn each other's bodies, the better we will be able to please each other. We'll hit that mark again, I promise you, and even exceed it. I don't know if there is a limit to how much pleasure we can experience together." I slowly pull my cock and the dildo out of Celeste and roll onto my back next to her. Celeste looks at me intently, then smiles and says, "You're right, this is just the beginning." She helps me out of the strap-on harness, being particularly gentle as she pulls the dildo out of my ass.
We then lay there, in each other’s arms, completely sated and remembering.

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