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Interlude and memories, part 2  

3somethriller 48M
0 posts
8/5/2021 11:11 pm
Interlude and memories, part 2

I had gone Blake and Cezanne's house hoping that they had returned early from their trip and discovered Cezanne's younger sister Celeste housesitting. Cezanne had told Celeste about , I guess, and Celeste apparently had see for herself. We had just spent an amazing time in the hot tub and had brought each other incredible pleasure as we shared our climaxes. I love when I cum at the time as my partner, when the currents of pleasure are rushing through us at the time. It's almost as if we are sharing our pleasures with each other and get experience it exponentially. I hope that this is just the beginning and so does Celeste, I think. We climb out of the hot tub and spend a few minutes drying each other off with towels. We drop the wet towels by the tub and walk to the French doors into the house, leaving robes and clothes where they lay.
We walk into the house and stand there naked in the dining room. I walk to Celeste and take her in my arms. She holds tight, and I feel her mouth playfully nibble my chest as she kisses . I bend down and kiss her passionately, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. My kisses travel down her neck which she arches to the side to her shoulder and a shiver runs through her body. I pull away from her far enough to bend my head down to her breasts and I gently suck on first one nipple, then the other. Celeste runs her fingers through my hair. The nipple ring is interesting. I playfully tug on it with my lips and Celeste takes a handful of hair and just as playfully gives it a quick yank, "Gentle" she chides. I let go of the nipple ring and kiss her breasts, then lick from her bellybutton, her stomach, and under one breast and then the other then back to her neck and her welcoming, warm, and hungry mouth. Her fingers run down my back and over my ass, sending shivers running through . I back her against the dining room table. I'm kissing her stomach again when Celeste places both hands my head and pushes my mouth down her abdomen her hips. She takes her hands out of my hair long enough hop the table. "Ooh, that's cold" she exclaims and then takes hold of my hair in both hands and draws my mouth between her legs which she spreads invitingly. I look at her perfect, shaved pussy which is pink and swollen from our time in the hot tub. My cum is still inside her, glistening her pussy lips and I see her working the muscles in her pussy and a little cum starts flow out. I quickly place my mouth over the flow and suck it and her lips into my mouth. I suck her pussy for a bit then hungrily lick her, sliding my tongue as deeply into her as I can, drawing out even more cum. Now it is my lips that are glistening with cum and I stand and kiss Celeste the mouth, sharing my cum with her. She licks the cum from my mouth and sucks my lips and tongue, "Not enough" I hear her mutter.
"Let's see what we can do about that," I reply. I help her off the table and we move into the living room. My cock is still in that state of arousal between orgasm and erect, swollen but not hard. I have my back to the couch and Celeste drops to her knees before . She takes my cock in her mouth and in a few moments, my cock is again fully erect. I slide my cock in and out of her mouth, her tongue playing along the shaft as I do. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and takes it in both hands and begins to focus on the head. She runs her tongue around the head and then suck on just the head, getting it swollen and red, then she lightly licks the head again, running her tongue around the edge, and then sucking the head back into her mouth. It feels incredible. I have my right hand lightly resting on her head and my left hand resting on my hip. I want so badly to start fucking her mouth, but I don't want to interrupt what she has going on. She finds my left hand with her right hand, takes it, and guides it back to the cleft of my own ass. She pats my hand, telling me without words not to move my hand, then reaches between my legs, finds my hand, and gentle pushes one of my fingers into my ass. I can do that, I think, and start sliding my finger in and out of my ass. When I get my finger as deep into my ass as I can, Celeste puts her hand over mine to keep me from pulling it out. Then I feel her finger sliding into my ass below my finger. She has a better angle and gets just about her entire finger in my ass and I feel her feeling around inside me. How does she know so much about the male prostate I think as I let her know with a quick, "That's it" when she finds it. She pulls her finger partially out and then I feel two of her fingers joining my one lonely finger inside my ass and she starts to massage my prost milking it until seminal fluid starts seep out of my cock into Celeste's mouth. The feeling is more than I can bear and I feel that familiar tingle in my balls and prostate and I start to pull with the finger in my ass stretch it a little more for Celeste reach in a little deeper. I keep holding off the orgasm as best I can, but this is going be a losing fight, one that I can't wait lose. The longer I fight it off, the greater the pressure building inside and the more intense my orgasm will be, so I keep going, holding with my will, until a cry is torn from my<b> throat </font></b>as my cum courses into Celeste's mouth. Her hand inside my ass clenches and she holds my cock in her mouth because my hips start bucking and at least once I came close to pulling out of her mouth altogether. I look down at her while I orgasm. I see my cock stretching her mouth and her happy eyes locked on mine. There's something about making eye contact when you cum that is amazingly powerful and I swear it draws a few extra spasms of cum out of me. I finish cumming and slick feel of my cock sliding in and out of Celeste's cum-filled mouth is amazing. Celeste pulls my cock out of her mouth, then she actually opens her mouth so I can see my cum there, closes her mouth, and swallows. "Wow" is all I can manage at the moment, and Celeste takes my cock back into her mouth and sucks until the cum is all out. When she's satisfied that she has every last drop, she stands and kisses . Her breath smells of my cum and I taste myself in her mouth as we kiss, making the kiss that much more passionate.
She pulls away from me and says with a mischievious look in her eyes, "You told me that Blake came times with you. I bet we can get you cum times too."
"I believe we can, but I want you to cum again first."
"That shouldn't be too hard." Celeste says with a laugh. "Let's move to their bedroom."

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