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Flying Solo, part 1  

3somethriller 48M
0 posts
8/5/2021 11:08 pm
Flying Solo, part 1

Blake and Cezanne are a couple I met Senior Sizzle. The of us had gotten together once already and I ran into Cezanne once in the grocery store which led to her and I sharing a wonderful unplanned afternoon together while Blake was away on a business trip. We planned on getting together again the Friday afternoon after Blake returned from his trip.
It's Friday afternoon and I'm sitting in their driveway, wondering what to do. This morning Blake had called and said, "Hi Jerry. I am so sorry, but Cezanne was called into work this afternoon. We want to know if you want to reschedule?"
"Sure, we can reschedule," I replied, unable to keep the disappointment out of my voice. "What will you be doing this afternoon?"
"Probably thinking about what we're missing out on and just hanging out at the house," He said.
"Okie doke. Talk it over with Cezanne and we can come with another date." I said and then ended the call. The rest of the morning, I just couldn't concentrate on anything, when I started think "Why not?" Why shouldn't I just show at their house and see what happens with Blake?
Blake's car is in the driveway, so I know he's in the house. What would he think if I just knocked his door? In our profiles Senior Sizzle, we both say we're bi-, but are we really? I figure there's only one way know for sure, and I get out of the car. I walk the front door, which Blake opens before I can even knock. "I've been watching you sitting in the car trying figure out what do," Blake says. "I'm glad you decided get out of the car! A few more minutes and I would have come out and got you."
I walk into the living room. Blake closes the front door and faces me as I ask, "Does Cezanne know I'm here?"
Blake smiles and says, "Yeah, I called her when you pulled and she said, 'Have fun with Jerry, sweetheart, I sure did'."
Blake starts walking towards . He's wearing nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms, the kind with the fly in front, and I can see his cock swinging heavily in his pants as he walks. He stops in front of and I slip my hand into the fly and start to caress his cock which starts to stiffen. I look at him and say, "I have to tell you, you have the most amazing cock I have ever seen, not that I've seen a lot of cocks in real life." His cock is at least 8 inches long and thick and he keeps his balls and cock shaved clean. I drop to my knees in front of him and pull his bottoms down. I hold his cock on both hands and begin to lick the head. I run my tongue down his shaft and gently suck on his balls while my left hand strokes his cock. I lick the shaft of his now rock-hard cock and take his cock into my mouth. I feel Blake's hand rest top of my head and he starts to rock his hips slightly, getting a gentle rhythm going with his cock in my mouth. I run my right hand his inner thigh and caress his balls and his ass. I bring my hand my mouth and take his cock out of my mouth long enough for suck my fingers and get them nice and wet. I take his cock back into my mouth and then slip my wet fingers into the cleft of his ass. I slowly move my head and down his cock while sliding first one finger, then two fingers, then fingers in and out of his ass. We do this for a few minutes, until I hear Blake clear his<b> throat </font></b>and he says, "let's move the bedroom." I'm for that, that's where they keep the good toys.
I reluctantly pull his cock out of my mouth and my fingers out of his ass and stand . He picks his pajama bottoms and we walk back to their bedroom. Once we are in the bedroom, I quickly take my clothes off and jump onto the bed and hold my hand before Blake can climb into the bed too. "I've always wanted to try this," I say and I lay my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. "See if you can fuck my mouth this way." He walks and I open my mouth invitingly. He slides his cock into my mouth and presses forward until his cock hits the back of my<b> throat. </font></b>I've been practicing deep throating with a few of my dildos, so I now know you can train yourself not to gag when something tries to slip down your<b> throat. </font></b>"Nice," Blake comments and starts sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my<b> throat. </font></b>Blake keeps pumping and I let my hands find my own cock, which is as hard as Blake's. Blake reaches over and grabs the tube of lubricant that stays by their bed apparently and squeezes out some onto my cock, which I appreciate as I start to masturbate. Blake quickly taps my hand out of the way, starts caressing my cock, and soon has me involuntarily moving my hips as his hand strokes my cock in earnest. I reach over my head with both hand and grab Blake's ass, encouraging his trusts in my mouth. After another five or minutes I put my hand Blake's thigh and stop him. He slowly pulls his cock out of my mouth and I say, with a slightly raspy throat, "now let's try this way" and I roll onto my stomach, head still hanging off the bed. "This way my tongue can with the underside of your cock. You might have hold my head though." I lay the bed and Blake holds my head . I open my mouth again and Blake starts fuck my mouth again. " yeah, that's good," he says. "And watching your ass gives an idea." He moves one hand on top of my head and grabs my hair to keep my head which he pumps his cock in and out of my mouth. Blake reaches into the drawer of the nightstand with the other hand and pulls something out. I feel it drop heavily onto the bed. I hear the cap of the tube of lube open and I gasp suddenly around Blake's cock when the cold gel drips into the cleft of my ass. Blake says apologetically, "Sorry about that, there was no way for warm it for you."
I feel the head of a large dildo around of my asshole and Blake lubricates it with the now warming gel he had squeezed onto . Then I feel the shaft of the dildo as Blake slides it and down the cleft of my ass, spreading my ass cheeks pretty wide. The dildo must be a monster, but that's okay, because Blake has a monster cock and it will be buried deep inside at some point this afternoon, I'm fairly certain. Blake slowly slides the dildo into my ass. I can feel my asshole stretching and I relax and just welcome it into my body. The dildo slips in and Blake begins to time his strokes with his cock in my mouth with the strokes of the dildo in my ass. He begins to stroke fast and I hear him panting with each stroke. He cums without warning, exploding in my mouth. He cries out savagely and pumps harder as his body releases the cum he had accumulated over the past week and a half, since he last came with Cezanne and I. He somehow manages also keep pounding my ass with the dildo as he cums. He fills my mouth with more cum than I ever thought possible. He finally slows down and comes an erratic stop which his cock resting in my mouth. He pulls his cock out of my mouth so I can swallow. His cock is before , glistening with his cum and my saliva, still rock hard. I reach back and take the dildo from his hand and slide it out of my ass.
I slide out of the bed quickly, turn my back him, and lay over the side of the bed before him. My ass feels warm and relaxed and inviting. I feel Blake move close and then his cock slides deliciously into my ass. After such a powerful orgasm, I have no expectation that he will stay hard, but it feels good to have his wet cock in my ass. He rocks his hips lazily, sliding his cock in and out of my ass, just enjoying the feeling. I feel his cock start to soften, but it is still huge and swollen, sliding in and out. I begin to tighten my ass around his cock, trying to hold it in when he's deep inside and then relaxing when the head of his cock slips out of my ass, eagerly waiting and wanting him slide it back in. My entire body focuses the feelings of his cock in my ass and the little noises he makes when I begin notice that Blake is transitioning from afterglow arousal. my surprise and delight, I feel his cock stiffen again until it is again rock hard. I say, "Wait, let's get into the bed." Blake slowly pulls his large, swollen cock out of my ass, experiencing every inch and the way my asshole tightens around his cock and tries to hold the head of his cock inside. I climb into the bed, point at the pillows at the head of the bed, and ask, "Which one of these is our fucking pillow?" Blake laughs, grabs one of the pillows, and hands it to . I roll it and lay top of it, my ass lifted into the air for Blake. I moan as Blake slides his cock back into my ass. Blake knows what he's doing. He tries different angles until I tell him, "Right there!" as he finds my prostate. He then begins to focus that spot inside with the head of his cock. The feeling is heavenly and I want it last forever. I hear myself moaning in pleasure with each thrust of Blake's cock. I tell Blake, "I came in your ass... the last time... we were in this room... It was... your first time... experiencing that... I have never... had a man cum... inside my ass... either... ... ... I want that."
At some point, Blake loses focus my prostate and starts focus his own pleasure. He makes long strokes with his cock in my ass, trying press it a little farther into my ass with each stroke. I feel his weight , pinning the bed. His thrusts get stronger and I hear him start groan in anticipation of the orgasm. Finally, he let's himself go. He pumps his cock wildly in my ass, crying out at the top of his lungs. I feel what little friction there had been between his cock and my ass disappear as his cum fills my ass and coats his cock. Finally, he comes to rest with his cock deep inside me and I feel his full weight on me, making it a little hard to breath. "Hold your cock inside me and let's roll over," I say and we do. Blake rolls onto his back and keeps his cock buried in my ass. In the process, I turn around on his cock so I'm sitting on and looking down at him, his cock buried in my ass. I start to gently pump and down, enjoying the feeling of his cum oozing out of my ass and down the shaft of his cock. I have no illusions that there might be a third orgasm in Blake, at least not so soon after a second one, but that's okay. As Blake's cock softens and his erection fades, I am finally able get of his cock inside and I settle back, pressing my ass against his hips and rocking forward and backwards. I do this until Blake's cock finally slips out and a warm stream of cum flows out of my ass, runs down and pools Blake's stomach.

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