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Confessions, part 1  

3somethriller 48M
0 posts
8/5/2021 11:13 pm
Confessions, part 1

Blake and Cezanne ended up staying a week longer than they had planned on their trip. I had talked Blake once and Cezanne twice since I had met Cezanne's sister Celeste and we had spent a day and a night together at their house. The first time I talked to Cezanne, I was a little worried what she would think about me hooking up with her sister, but I should have known better. Celeste had already told Cezanne everything. I was talking to Blake and I heard Cezanne in the background say "Hey, is that Jerry? Let me talk to him!" My heart almost stopped in my chest as I hear Blake pass the phone to Cezanne. "Hi Cezanne!" I say enthusiastically. I really am glad to be talking to her, despite my nervousness. Cezanne pauses for a moment and then says, "So Celeste tells me that you two off."

"Uh, yeah, we did. She's pretty amazing." I say, keeping things as vague as I can, unsure of how much Celeste told her.

"I have to say that I'm a little jealous of her," Cezanne says. “But just a little. I’m glad you two off so amazingly. She told me about her epiphany after her final orgasm with you and the amazing thing you told her about learning more about each other’s bodies. Why don’t you housesit with her until we get back and get some practice in. I already told her I would ask you. I think it would be good for her.”

“I would love that,” I reply.

“I bet you will,” Cezanne says with a laugh. “Save some for us though. Blake and I want you in peak form when we get back.”

So that’s what I did. I moved in with Celeste to housesit and that week was filled with wonder, passion, laughter, and not a few sleepless nights when we stretched each other’s limits.

One night we decided we wanted to make love but not cum until the next day. We spent the night bringing each other to the edge of orgasm and then backing away, again and again. An hour ago, I had watched Celeste slowly slip a string of<b> anal </font></b>beads into her ass. She made a big deal as she slid each one in, moaning for me. My cock was in her mouth at the time so I had a great view of her ass as she loaded each one and her moans vibrated my cock tenderly. She let me slip the last 2 beads into her ass. I had to push her quickly away from me as the imminent orgasm within me welled up and almost overcame me. My cock has never ached so much with need. We both spent the last 30 minutes before midnight staring at each other with the bed between us, breathing deeply – almost panting – with desire straining to overcome our determination, knowing that to touch each other would be our undoing.

As soon as the clock hits midnight we both spring across the bed, meeting in the middle in a passionate embrace. As we kiss our hands are running over each other’s bodies. I throw her onto her stomach and hungrily run my tongue over her ass and down to her pussy. I slip my tongue into and out of her and then my fingers sink into her drenched pussy. Her pussy is so wet that I can almost quench my thirst as I drink deeply of her. I get behind her and as soon as Celeste feels the head of my aching cock touch her pussy, she starts to orgasm. Her orgasm intensifies as I slide my cock deep inside her. Her cries of pleasure fill the room and intensify again as I begin to draw the<b> anal </font></b>beads out of her ass one… at… a… time, timing each bead with a thrust of my cock into her pussy, drawing groans from her lips as the waves of orgasm racking her body becomes too intense for her perfect body to hold. After I pull the last bead out, Celeste’s body starts writhing in the bed and she manages to dislodge my cock from her pussy. When I desperately try to get my cock back inside her she gasps out “No! It’s too much.” The overwhelming power of her orgasm has sensitized her pussy and the pleasure, the feeling of my cock inside her, was just too intense for her to bear. “Here instead,” Celeste pleads and grabs her own ass, spreading her cheeks to offer me her tight, wonderful ass. I bend down and start to lick her asshole, slipping first one finger, then two fingers, then three into her ass. She rocks her hips backward, spreading her ass wider for me. I grab the tube of lubricant and squeeze a little gel onto the head of my cock. It’s been hours since my cock has been in Celeste’s ass and it’s tight as I slowly slide my cock inside her. The moment I do though, Celeste cries our again as she has a mini-orgasm, a kind of aftershock left over from the earthquake that had rocked her body moments ago, and I feel her ass muscles spasm around my cock. I start to pump my cock in and out of Celeste’s ass, taking long strokes. The head of my cock pops out of her ass a few times as I pull out a little too much and Celeste’s rocking ass pulls away at just the right time. Each time my cock pops out of her ass, Celeste let’s out a loud gasp and then she moans as I slide my cock back inside her. The noises she is making is intoxicating and my aching balls and cock, deprived of climax despite hours of pleasure, finally receive their well-earned reward. My orgasm begins in my ass of all places, at least that’s how it feels. Immediately, my entire body tenses as I am overcome by the first wave of my orgasm. It feels like it knocks me off my feet and throws me around until I don’t know which way is up any longer. My consciousness is carried along like a leaf in a tempest. It’s almost like an out-of-body experience, I hear my cries of passion as if from a distance. But that lasts a moment in time and then the second wave of orgasm snaps me back the awareness of the overwhelming pleasure that fills my body with light and sound. I vaguely hear Celeste moaning in pleasure as wave after wave of cum fills her ass. My cock now slides freely in her ass and I bury myself in her until her ass is tightly pressed against my hips. I stay , afraid move my cock again, as the lingering spasms of my orgasm deposit the last of my cum in Celeste’s ass. When my body finally stills, a shudder passes through me and I let out a little laugh. My cock is still deep inside Celeste and I gently kiss her between the shoulder blades which causes a shiver pass through her body. I kiss her neck and nibble an ear before whispering, “I’m ruined.” Which gets us both laughing. We both roll the side, keeping my cock inside her. My free hand reaches around her and touches her stomach and I pull her into me. I touch her hip, her leg, then let my hand up to cup her beautiful breasts while I kiss her ear and the back of her neck. Little moans of pleasure slip out of her lips. My hand finally settles on one of her breasts and I just hold her, enjoying the feeling of her body touching mine and being inside her. I know that at some point during the night my cock will slip out of her ass, but in this moment, frozen in time, I am completely sated, steeping in potential and satisfied desire.

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