Afternoon delight, part 1  

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8/5/2021 11:05 pm
Afternoon delight, part 1

We meet Senior Sizzle and meet for coffee check each other out. I'll call you Blake and Cezanne in my story, but feel free to read your own names as I tell my story. I found you both very attractive and sexy as hell and we it off, so we arrange meet at your house for an afternoon tryst the week.
Of days I am held at an appointment that morning and am running a little late. I text Cezanne let you both know. Cezanne texts back and tells just come in when I get there. They will be waiting, maybe. I get your house about 30 minutes after we had planned and walk the front door. I open the door and walk into the living room. You aren't waiting on , not that I expected you , and I have a pretty fair idea what the two of you are . I walk through the living room toward the back of the house and I see your shoes and a pair of socks laying the floor at the beginning of the hallway the bedrooms, so I take off my shoes and socks. A little further down the hall I see Blake's pants and shirt and a pair of pink shorts and a tank top strewn the floor, so off go my pants and my shirt. I peek in the first room and it's an empty guest room, so I keep walking softly down the hall. I hear soft grunts, pants, and moans coming from the room at the end of the hall. Right outside the door lay Cezanne's panties and bra (I guess Blake wasn't wearing any underwear), and I slip out of my underwear. I stand naked in the hall for just a moment, then slowly crack the door open and peek inside. This is your bedroom. The head of the bed is against the far wall and there are nightstands and lamps either side of the bed. That's about as much of the decor as I notice because Blake has Cezanne bent over the side of the bed and is fucking her hard. His hands are her hips, pulling her against him as he thrusts his cock deep inside her. I don't see much of his cock, which is spending most of its time inside Cezanne, but what I can see tells me it is huge. Cezanne has her head turned towards the door, but her eyes are closed and she is panting with each inward thrust of Blake's cock. She must hear something because her eyes open and then widen as she see's me and a smile spreads across her sweaty face. I don't say a word and neither does she. I just watch and she watches me watch. I take my cock in my hand and pretend it's my cock in her pussy. Blake is completely focused on Cezanne and doesn't notice me. He speeds and his thrusts get firmer and more resolute. It's fascinating watching the feelings across his body as his muscles tighten and his mouth opens breath deeper. I can tell he's at the breaking point and moments later, a moan starts deep in his<b> throat </font></b>and he gives full voice his ecstasy as he cums. His cries fill the room and he bucks wildly behind Cezanne, filling her with his cum. He slows and gradually stops, with his cock resting deep inside Cezanne. Cezanne says, "Don't look now, Blake, but we have a guest." Blake looks at the door and laughs that kind of laugh you only get after an extreme orgasm and your body is feeling better than it ever has. I quickly walk to the side of the bed as Blake says, "It's about time Jerry, you almost missed all the fun."
"Not on your life!" I reply. I drop to my knees by Blake and he slowly draws his long, still-hard cock out of Cezanne. I am about to try to say something witty, but Blake places a hand on top of my head and the head of his cock against my mouth which opens to take him in. "Clean me " he says and I willing oblige. "And when you're done with , clean Cezanne too." I make quick work of his cock, although he is so large that I cannot get his entire cock into my mouth, no matter how hard I try. Then I turn to Cezanne. She is smiling at as I scoot over the edge of the bed. She has rolled over onto her back and has kept her legs together, to save as much of Blake's cum as she can inside her. She opens her legs and I see Blake's cum start to run out of her pussy, so I quickly put my mouth over the flow and gently suck. I suck and lick and swallow that wonderful mixture of Blake's cum and Cezanne's pussy juices. When I can't get any more with my tongue, I thrust my fingers into her pussy and pull out more. On the second or third time pulling my fingers out, she reaches down and takes my hand and brings my fingers to her mouth, where she sensuously sucks the mixture of cum and her pussy juice off my fingers. Blake is watching and enjoying the show, I can tell.
My cock is rock hard now. I want this to last, but I'm not sure I can. I look at Cezanne and say, "I didn't see you orgasm. Would you like to?" Cezanne laughs at my confidence and says, "What do you think?"
"Do you have any adult toys around?" I ask.
Blake walks to one of the nightstands, opens the drawer, and starts to pull out different types of dildos. I take one that is a little smaller than my cock and climb into the bed. Blake climbs into the bed and sits with his back against the headboard, his legs spread wide. Cezanne bends over his cock and starts to suck and lick and, most impressively, deep<b> throat </font></b>his cock, deeper than I was able to get. "Hand me a pillow," I ask Blake and he does. I roll the pillow and place it under Cezanne's hips and she drops down the pillow, presenting a marvelous view of her still glistening pussy and her ass. I can't help myself. I place my tongue on her pussy and then inside her pussy, and then run my tongue slowly and spread her ass cheeks and slip my tongue into her ass. I repeat this for a few minutes and then pull away. I take the dildo and generously lubricate it. Cezanne is trying to focus on Blake's cock, which is still swollen, but no longer hard, but she knows I'm behind her with a hard cock and a dildo. I hear her gasp around Blake's cock when I place the head of the dildo against her asshole. Blake is watching and says, "Cezanne has her mouth full right now, so she can't tell you, but she absolutely loves double-penetration. She says it makes for the best orgasms." Cezanne can't really respond with words, but I hear her enthusiastically grunt "uh-huh". So I start push the dildo into her ass and it slides in smoothly. Cezanne sighs in pleasure and starts to rock her body, sliding the dildo in and out of her ass without moving my hand. I am fascinated, watching the dildo stretch her asshole. When I pull the dildo out, her asshole slowly closes again, as if sad miss the company, so I slide it back in. I do this for a few minutes, pulling it out, then sliding it back in and pumping in and out for a few strokes. Her hand reaches between her legs and she starts masturbate while I keep fucking her in the ass with the dildo. I can tell she's getting close and I want her cum with my cock inside her so I move close behind her and bump her busy hand with the head of my cock. She hungrily takes hold of my cock and guides it into her. I keep the dildo deep inside her ass, but it's harder to move it much when my cock is buried fully inside her. I notice Blake's cock is starting to get hard again. He watches fucking his wife with bright eyes and a smile his face. Cezanne starts moan and I keep a nice, steady pace while her fingers hungrily massage her clit and the dildo moves with our rhythm. Cezanne quickly takes Blake's now rock hard cock out of her mouth and she screams at the top of her lungs " my god!" again and again as the waves of orgasm course through her body, out of control. Her hands are now on Blake's thighs and I see her fingernails pressing into his skin. Blake barely gets his balls out of the way when Cezanne's head slams down on the bed, right where his balls were seconds ago. Cezanne slowly regains control and when she can speak again, all she can say is "wow, that was amazing!" I'm pretty proud of myself, not because of her orgasm because that was a team effort, but because I did not cum. I'm still hard and ready to go.

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