Our 1st night together  

19Country78boy 44M
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2/26/2022 11:49 am
Our 1st night together

I want you thinking of my<b> tongue </font></b>flicking up, down & around your clit as my fingers are sliding inside? Once I find your spot my finger will rub, pull & push on it just enough to help you cum over & over a couple times. Just when I think you can't handle any more that is when I will go faster & faster with both my<b> tongue </font></b>& fingers with just a bit more pressure to give you that full body orgasm.
I do like to tease with my cock as well, I'm not sure how long of a break you will need but hopefully not to long because I will want to rub the head of my cock just barely inside of you. Yes I love the way it feels as it so tight right there.
With each in & out I'll go deeper & deeper. I get myself into a steady pace of in & out before you know it I slide the rest of my cock in so deep you gasp for breath.
That is the time I will lay down on top of you so I can look deep into your eyes my lips so close they are brushing yours as I'm working my hips to bring you to another strong orgasm.
I am pretty sure there is no way I will be able to handle your pussy tightening around my cock so as you cum I will be cumming with you. That is when I collapse into your arms & that will be our 1st break of our long night together.

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