You into a gurl?  

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5/25/2021 5:38 pm
You into a gurl?

So this Is a question I’m asked all the time but the honest answer is I just don’t know, you see so far I’m self-taught
First came dressing, and as a natural progression anal , this became my go climax
Then I discovered chastity and my world changed for the better in chastity my desire remained but I wasn’t able
Access this because I was retrained down below, so for anal became my only way climax and it felt good
Since I was young I deemed I would wake up feminine, I’ve dreamed of a white wedding and the wedding night
As things have progressed with chastity and hormones this has rendered me all but sissy I can climax but when I do
It’s mostly as limp, for me the next step would be castration I know it’s extreme and irreversible but for me that’s the
Appeal, you see I feel like castration is my way forward, not going you I have no clue how I will feel once the deed
Is done but I’m excited no longer have these feelings
I’m not short on offers but I so feel like I should save myself for a guy who understands and wants use as the obedient
sissy slave you desire, kinky as you like make your sissy and I will make everyday a cum day!!!

guess you might say i've saved myself and my body for the one who<b> desires </font></b>as feminine you my guy?

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