You cant have your cake and eat it !  

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2/9/2022 4:44 pm
You cant have your cake and eat it !

Becoming a gurl means that you can no longer desire or act as a , you need to be submissive and obedient
I shouldn't be able to get erect and enjoy the pleasure of flesh again, instead I become the object of a guys desire
And become an object to use as you please, Chastity has driven me to this point, my drug is frustration and the
More frustrated I get the more I desire what I can no longer do,
I knew day I would want to serve female so I taught myself to enjoy anal and when I was able I would
Swallow anything I could deliver, im into pleasure and pain these feelings go hand in hand so I would enjoy BDSM
I like to feel helpless so bondage would be a huge plus too, in return for my servitude and I would like to be
Castrated to remove all feelings of my former life and I really look forward to the changes this will cause
With chastity I enjoy just wetting my panties with pre-cum anal has changed the way I feel about everything
My excitement is tainted by my fear of the unknown but I know this is my fate I accept this fate for you
My needs to control me he needs to humiliate me and expand my limits and enjoy me while he does
What's in it for me just knowing what the next step means and how my addiction will change my life forever
Once im castrated I will know what its like to serve as female will I regret this who knows but I'm on this<b> trip
</font></b>To discover me can you use me as feminine ? i want to become your submissive gur
wasn't lucky enough to be born female but i will become the gurl of your desire if you give me the chance what do you say?l

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