Will you Castrate me Daddy?  

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11/23/2021 4:24 pm
Will you Castrate me Daddy?

I feel strongly that there are girls and gurls, if your born feminine that’s one thing but if you choose to become a gurl
Then you know what to expect you either embrace it or you don’t bother
As a gurl I would expect to be dominated, humiliated and expected to expand my limits
Castration I feel is my commitment to this way of life, the fact there is no going back from there is huge! And a huge turn on
I also feel like all I’ve read makes me just one of just a few gurls that have undergone this and as such very desirable to real men
I know you’re a alpha I think your love a submissive, obedient gurl and will delight in pushing further, I also get the feeling
Your going to enjoy sharing or watching be subjected to all manner of kinky acts
Left to my own devices I’m not sure I will ever archive my full potential, I do accept who I am and what I am but I need a shove so I need
You to take charge remove my desire and have get on with it, the plus for is feminisation is fast tracked and I get to meet the feminine
Me, at what that’s up to you, I choose<b> anal </font></b>over a normal climax any !! Please make this as easy for as just turning up, then
Take charge get the deed done and please just enjoy as the female I become sure there will be lots of the white stuff flowing I will swallow
I’m excited I love the feel of nylon up my legs dressing sexy is my thing, the thing with a gurl is that your a g-string away from a good time

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