So strange  

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8/24/2021 5:29 pm
So strange

So frustration seems like natural progress Chastity changes your outlook about sex and pleasures of the flesh
I would trade a normal climax for an<b> anal </font></b>climax any day, once you encounter<b> anal </font></b>there isn’t any going back
In fact you just desire more and more!
Some things feel strange like flashing more flesh than ever before, mascara feels strange, I’m sure painting my
Nail is an art I need to practice more.
Body hair is something I love to remove it makes me desire a guy so much, dressing in sexy underwear is a joy
You piecing my tongue for your oral enjoyment, right now chastity and hormones have ripped me of my male
Desire, what’s next is very much up to you, at very least keep me in chastity maybe glue the lock so I have no
Point of return, maybe lets play castration play it’s very erotic to have your balls banded! Hurts like hell doing
It and even more if you release me! Bondage for me is a huge plus so maybe just maybe your keep the band on
Me too long and remove my desire once and for all? Without my boys there is only one way forward and that’s
Feminine, for me developing puffy boobs and erect nipples is a real plus
I just feel like once you remove my outer wrapping and I remove my bra there is only one outcome, I can wait
To kneel before you, feel your hardness in my mouth and do what’s needed to have you climax in my mouth!
As a good sissy I’m happy to swallow anything you deliver !!!
So right now I’m a blank page form me into the gurl you desire and lets do this I’m as ready as I can be being
Honest there are parts of this that fill me with dread but also delight me !
The move from sissy to feminine excites me I know I can handle the void once the deed is done can’t wait to
Become your sissy and after your gurl. Transform me and I will do whatever to reward your effort !!
I'm excited to become your gurl of your dreams are you willing to take a chance on me? i sure hope so lets make love together?

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