So, what is on offer?  

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2/27/2022 4:45 pm
So, what is on offer?

So this really depends on your requirements, think it’s fair to say that my days of being an alpha are long gone chastity ripped me of any chance of penetrating anything
So I remain limp even with stimulation, but chastity makes sure of this, and having to sit to pee is very humbling
During my journey I discovered anal and really enjoy an anal climax it’s like a head rush that keeps giving and I want more! So my question to you what will it take for you to do
This for me?
Let me tell you there is noting more humiliating than tugging on a limp cock trying to climax and not being able too, while knowing prostrate simulating make me pre-cum and
When I’m very frustrated also makes me climax as I used too
So this is a way street we both have<b> desires </font></b>so what can I do for you? I taught myself how to swallow when I was able to I swallowed my own. I used toys so I know what to
Expect during intercourse, for the most part I desire what you desire I want boobs for you to play with and enjoy and I want to become your submissive gurl
So for me castration would be high on my wish list I know it’s permanent but that’s what appeals to me never going back not that I could even if I wanted too
So the lack of hormones within my body would complete me, I know this comes with risks but what don’t. I’ve tried banding and it hurts like hell but needs must so what
Ever my fate I accept this totally
You can’t help who you are or who you become I accept my fate and further more I know I will enjoy a kinky Please show me the way of a gurl can’t wait to dribble because
Of a gag and also wet my panties in chastity as my enjoyment is dribbling pre-cum as you enjoy my back passage
Anything is on I’m into kinky just tell me what you desire, so what I would like is to be kept feminine so lock me into dresses and heels use a body part to keep me restrained
Us me as your own or share me with others this isn’t about what I desire but what you desire in a mate!

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