So, I understand this is a journey  

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1/25/2022 4:34 pm
So, I understand this is a journey

This is a journey I want share with someone, so you need know that I do understand what ive done is self-inflicted I knew what I was doing
Well at least I thought I did at the time.
At best this started innocently my crime was being curious, I loved dressing but desired more so I agreed wear chastity just meet a guy
My attempt meet failed but chastity was a huge turn on, I would lock myself up till the frustration got the better of me then I would do my thing
In the shower, I would till I got excited then place a shampoo bottle inside me and on toes I would finish off, at this point I knew I was hocked
So I would swallow anything I delivered, but frustration is a drug and you desire more, after a while this didn’t work anymore my clit remained limp
For the most part, sure after a while I could get off but doing your thing with a limp clit isn’t enjoyable nor does it help with your frustration if anything
It makes it worse, so im no angel I do<b> anal </font></b>and enjoy the feelings and I continue swallow anything I can
So I understand what I become and I a desire see how this works out but I seem enjoy extreme chastity serves me well but I know of a
Better way and that is remove my desire for good, I would be happy serve a guy as a chastity sissy but in the long term its not comfortable nor desirable
I know the risk of permanent but accept this as I know I would enjoy full time frustration, I know what I become and I accept my fate and I know I
No right demanding anything, but I would like a keep me feminine full time and expand my limits can’t wait develop puffy boobs for your enjoyment
Im also very much into kinky so bondage would be a huge plus for me, as would group action
Ive saved myself for the right guy thus far nothing but toys just need an understanding guy to take me under your wing and show me the joy of sissy
should be one erect cock in any bedroom render me sissy and i will take care of your every need!!
i also understand i may not be the one you may want get close too and thats fine with me just include me please

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