Sissy is a journey for sure  

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3/14/2022 5:45 pm
Sissy is a journey for sure

At first I dressed for my pleasure, then I explored myself even more at first this wasn’t desirable but before long came the norm
Yes I’m talking<b> anal </font></b>and I grew to enjoy this in fact at some point this took over but I remained for the most part normal
Quite by chance I got into chastity and my life changed frustration is my drug the more you get the more you enjoy so at some point
Anal took over a normal climax, now chastity has ripped me of what I enjoyed so much getting erect
Most guys would hate not being able to get erect but for me frustration and<b> anal </font></b>climax is so much better than what I enjoyed in the past
For me limp is a way of life I accept my fate and want to embrace sissy, I’m into bondage and being locked so the thought of being locked
Into dresses and heels is very desirable, I also know about limits and I want you to explore mine, humiliation is also a real plus so have me serve
Drinks at a party dressed in feminine underwear, I really don’t mind use me as your personal sex slave or invite others a split roast would be
Desirable if you’re a couple that’s cool but I can act as female, this is a journey I should have done years ago so I’m keen to get started
For me there is no going back so castration would be an option, my wish is to encounter the feminine me as submit to a guys desire anything
Else is to you, I’m into kinky so how kinky are you? I may have been born a guy but I’m sissy want to serve as female can you will you help?

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