Permanent is a thing  

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4/8/2022 4:38 pm
Permanent is a thing

So if I’m honest I’m not sure my junk works anymore, but I’m happy and content in chastity love I need to sit to pee
In fact, it’s very humbling to have to sit to pee
I love the feeling of frustration in fact it’s taken over my life, to the point I no longer want to climax as normal in fact
When I do I struggle, given myself carpet burns trying, for me the feelings I get during<b> anal </font></b>are enough
So I seek a guy who is into a gurl, my first choice would be castration to show my commitment to this way of life but
I do understand this maybe a bit extreme for some ! but I need to prove to you I’m the real thing so maybe keep my
Clit locked and instead make me take Estrogen, my body will change and I can’t help developing boobs it going to
Be hard to explain that away. But Permanent is my thing I don’t judge you can still do your thing if you desire other
Lovers that’s cool please just allow me to watch,
Baby before I couldn’t I would swallow what I delivered to be ready for you, I so enjoy toys and how they make me
Feel, I would like to be forced into this, spit roast is a huge plus either in person or with a machine
Humiliation is a huge plus so make me serve drinks in underwear an watch your guests enjoy me I would love to serve
or more guys, feeling the anticipation of a mouthful looking into his eyes while accepting<b> anal </font></b>seems like a dream come true
Not so worried about my feelings I want to excite guys and have then do their thing to me not how I saw my life but its how
Ive changed not sure we are in control what like brings

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