Looking back  

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4/28/2022 4:23 pm
Looking back

Just today I read a story than reminded me of the journey I've undertaken for instance I forgot the time was painful accept<b> anal
</font></b>Now<b> anal </font></b>is just a part of my day day routine, my sissy pussy is now my main organ I would pick an<b> anal </font></b>climax over a normal
Climax anytime, Dressing has always been my escape for me ’s been my go place for as long as I remember I am really excited
Explore a new way of life, we one chance of happiness and I know my place I want serve a guy as female
Not sure even I knew how much chastity would change my life I now know the joy of frustration and I’m tired of trying wank a limp
Cock, even if I am able climax is not enjoyable anymore, so moving on just feel like for me the removal of my desire is something
I would enjoy, here is the problem are a few ways none are very desirable, is banding and yes I did try and somewhat painful
I know if I was able suffer this a longer this could worked, then is injections not sure I could inject myself this needs be
done a of times, but I feel like I need suffer enjoy the real me so what you choose is up you,
not sure is my choice but if you were ask how I loose my old life I would choose castration, knowing how painful this may be I would like
be locked into a wedding dress and retrained then after this is up to you, keep me locked into sissy wear for weeks and inject my balls with alcohol or just band my balls for the night not sure this will be the best night of my life but I need to become sissy once sissy
I know my place I know what you desire and I can't wait to feel cock inside me thus far I am a cock virgin
As a sissy I leak while enjoying<b> anal </font></b>make my panties wet and provide me with mouthfuls of creamy cum
love the though of being dressed as a virgin in a wedding dress i will be loosing my desire i want become your submissive kinky gurl i will treat you so good and swallow your load and welcome my guy inside me
spunky kisses !!

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