It’s a lifestyle change for sure  

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9/4/2021 5:06 pm
It’s a lifestyle change for sure

So if lockdown has taught me anything it’s taught me that I enjoy manual play
I love chastity and I crave the sissygasm in fact I enjoy the whole experience
If your in the know it starts like a headrush that just feels better and better you
Encounter it, and if your lucky you get to cum hands free

Chastity makes me sit to pee this is also a huge plus for me and chastity makes
Me frustrated and this drives me to do the things you desire from me, I love dressing
And feeling sexy in kinky underwear, if you like you pick the outfits I’m to wear!

I’m naive somewhat as to how it will feel to replace toys for the real thing but really
Excited also, I understand that once your motor is running then I have to accept the

I’m so excited to flash so much more flesh than ever before and dressed real sexy to
Tease, I need to cover up just a little to excite you

I also understand that it’s not just the pump and grind it’s how you get to that point
As a sissy I would love to be retrained, I would like to feel like I was forced into anal
Also feel like any Daddy would like me to suffer somewhat for the cause, so some light
Spanking, wax pay, nipple play, fingering or even fisting

I can’t double guess what turns you on I know I need a man to complete me, I choose
Chastity over a normal climax. I would be very into injections into my balls to further
My transformation, or even castration right from the start, my focus from day one should
Be to become desirable to you, I want to be venerable and feel helpless and feminine !

Distance isn’t a problem try me out for up to 3 months if I don’t delight then send me home
If I delight you. Then keep me locked up sure I will overstay but this adds to your<b> control
</font></b>No going back from castration right?

Spunky kisses baby

chopper6921 54M  
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9/4/2021 7:43 pm

Me thinks this might be a hot topic so had to write to read later gator

10901w replies on 9/5/2021 3:48 pm:
cool lets talk

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