I dont underestimate just how huge a deal this is  

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1/26/2022 5:04 pm
I dont underestimate just how huge a deal this is

I dabbled with chastity, and its rendered me all but limp for the most part, some may be alarmed at the changes but for me it wasnt as shocking as it could be
At very least I wish continue with chastity and the frustration I feel
So, if youre into a chastity sissy then Im your gurl, frustration means I now need to get what I need via anal, chastity and frustration is what I use to provide this
For you and in return I will get a of what I desire.

Not do I desire dress sexy for you full time I would also enjoy being locked into dresses and heals, bondage would be a real plus too
Im also very kinky I would like to a<b> tongue </font></b>piercing; I pierced my own nipples let me tell you that was so painful for months but this is a taster of what
I may need suffer

So I accept my fate as a sissy Ive done all I can myself be ready for this, what happens now is up you sissy is about serving a guy and satisfying his needs and
Desires, Im not the jealous type so if you want bring guys home that would be a plus I would be willing participate in group double anal would be a huge plus
As would becoming a spit roast or outside the sky is the limit, I know what you enjoy may even shock me but that is fine also

Chastity is my go place renders my vulnerable and submissive and thats good and Im sure this would work however the new thing is castration as chastity
But a more permanent

For the most part castration seems be a taboo, isnt much out about the process, seems like a few gurls had done and this is very desirable for me
I understand this whole process is humiliating and degrading but no much more than having swallow man seed or having your arse filled with cum

So why not castrate me and turn my balls into earrings so when you expect me to go down on a guy I will see what Ive lost dangle before me, looking down I will
Remember what I was and what Ive lost and remember my role i need to embrace as your gurl

sorry said i was kinky!

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