I accept my fate willingly  

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1/1/2022 5:12 pm
I accept my fate willingly

I accept me life changes forever my hope is that you desire me in sexy underwear time your enjoyment, a real plus would be being locked into dresses and heels
I never knew that dabbling in chastity would bring me to this point but it has, chastity has ripped me of my desire and this got me into frustration and frustration is a drug you
Shouldn’t dabble in, in my frustrated state I can offer you what your desire! During play I’ve experimented in swallowing my own seed and<b> anal </font></b>play to extremes
So now what I lack is becoming a gurl the lust of a guy!
After months of chastity I remain limp the most part I’m no longer able maintain an erection any amount of time so me it’s time hang up my gloves and accept
Who I have become, so I’ve encountered the head rush that is<b> anal </font></b>now I need a guy provide this me I know as my frustration grows I may even encounter a sissygasum
One thing I know sure that during<b> anal </font></b>my clit will dribble pre-cum so not unlike a woman I will get damp panties
I know I have so much learn and I will so willingly I’m so into kinky and learning how to become the gurl of your desire not looking an easy ride I know pleasure and pain go
Hand in hand, I want become the object of your desire, I accept what this takes, this said at my I can’t wait develop pert puffy boobs your enjoyment
Your firm hand and your lust, show my commitment I’m willing be castrated however you please, my choice would be meet a cutter right from the start but it’s not my choice
So maybe banding? Clamping? injections? Are you willing take me on as your gurl I won’t disappoint
I can’t wait take a walk on the while side want hold my hand? Make me yours!!!

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