How did I get this so wrong?  

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4/18/2022 3:49 pm
How did I get this so wrong?

So, my choices haven’t been the best, I have every followed my heart on the life changing decisions I’ve made
Feminine has always been a huge part of my play, it’s been a huge part of my normal life you may say my escape from
Normal day to day stuff
I accept I have made wrong decisions along the way but I don’t have any regrets but I understand it’s not what everyone
Wants, with my love of dressing I dabbled in chastity I now understand this was a huge mistake because most guys don’t
Desire a chastity sissy, chastity renders me sissy and frustrated my tackle just don’t work as it should anyway so just use
Me as your submissive, I believe that a gurl is a gurl she should accept an alpha
Being locked into chastity makes me so submissive and frustrated now I’m looking for a guy I can serve as feminine
So the guy I seek wants to expand my limits your want to keep me feminine full time and ever desire to lock me into feminine attire
Lockable dresses and even heels, keeping me dressed real and in chastity has the affect of desiring the things I never thought of
But for my sins I was a guy once so I know what you desire so the normal is just normal, but I desire more a statement
This statement could be hormones to develop boobs or even castration or anything in between
I want to act as feminine and I love that I pre-cum during<b> anal </font></b>makes my panties damp I’ve kept myself pure for my guy not done this before but my frustration makes me desire so much use me as your own or share me I just want to feel feminine and be used as such
Kinky is my thing so once you accept me as a gurl then everything is a plus lock me , gag me, fist me, share me, anything goes
Please don’t say I was wrong I’ve put so much into me to say I was wrong. I will relocate for a guy so are you my guy ?

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