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5/21/2022 5:17 pm

We are all adults here I think I know the next step chastity and frustration has served me well, the next step is making this more permanent
I’m talking a PA piercing to further keep me locked up, no escape is the way forward
Talking piercing think we should look at a<b> tongue </font></b>piercing too for your oral pleasure thus far I have only used toys and swallowed my own
I have found nipple locks and a PA lock so maybe if youre into kinky we should talk
So keep my locked and locked into dresses and heels and lets talk the terms of my submission, Daddy I want to have you enjoy me and taste
You and if I’m really frustrated can not wait to climax as a gurl, kinky is a real plus, I am not jealous I do not mind if you take other lovers
Have me watch or join in, think the days of getting hard are passed but my mouth and pussy are open
If you want to keep me as your captive sissy this is a huge plus as is being locked via a body part
i want to be kept in frustration i will settle with chastity but if your into kinky and want to remove my desire then sure lets talk more, castration, banding or injections are on the cards sorry Daddy i said i was kinky

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