Castrated Gurls are few and far between  

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5/4/2022 4:52 pm
Castrated Gurls are few and far between

your card right and I will allow you chemically castrate me, treat me like a lady and then we can talk about making these changes permanent
Feel like everything I’ve done so far leads my fate, I know what my fate is and I accept this
I would like turn up and be restrained then dress me up in a wedding dress in fact lock me into and force me into feminisation you can just get me
Cut or inject my balls with neat spirit till my balls die, or band me and tie me up not sure I can handle the pain without help
I just so want to become you sissy gurl I knoggk=led w it won’t be easy and I understand things will never be or feel the but I’m up for swapping a normal
Climax for a sissy climax and I understand I can’t get this without an alpha inside me
Over the years I struggled know where I fit in but chastity has taught me that my main sexual organ is my butt I choose<b> anal </font></b>over a normal climax so can
You make me your sissy gurl, I limits but almost anything goes for the right guy, not sure this will be easy but I chosen this way of life so please let
Me know what you desire

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