Baby please be kind to me  

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12/4/2021 5:23 pm
Baby please be kind to me

Daddy you were right it’s all about attitude, Chastity messes with your brain, At first Chastity excites you because you can’t have what your desire you desire it all the more
Over time your lust is diminished before long even when your unlocked its hard get hard trying masturbate with a limp cock is all but impossible
Once you discover the joy of<b> anal </font></b>there isn’t any going back! me I always felt submissive, Chastity made me think about things like never before
You see a is born a she will develop into a woman most like normal but most are fragile flowers and do the least they can, whereas I’m much into becoming a
Gurl, so a gurl knows what a guy desires and as such should expect this and even prepare this, I suspect I guy would want his gurl swallow so if and when I’m able
Climax I swallow my own, he’s going want penetrate you so you practice with toys.
This said I feel like a guy want’s a virgin so sure I practice a lot but I’ve not been used by a guy I guess, I guess unlike most girls I want my mate to be the one, as a gurl I can’t
Expect anything but if your into making your mark on me I’m fine with that, render me sissy good again fine with that
I’m so ready my next step whatever that maybe, maybe its remain as a chastity gurl maybe your want castrate me a place a ring on my finger and have your cock
Inside my ring? I feel like I’ve missed out on so much cock during my life with my love of<b> anal </font></b>I’m excited play, I can play with you with you and others, group anything
You desire, maybe you would like watch as others enjoy me? The only thing I know sure is that I’m into kinky so tie me up and do whatever you please I just want to feel
Submissive and used as a gurl

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