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Blog Numbers....
Mar 25, 2011 7:27 pm

W to the T to the F

Okay... I'm Lost.

So I know I have been ...... ... a little absent lately, but I do check in to read once in a while.

I noticed that the numbers are relatively low in relation to how they were.... What happened? Is there a new View Counting Process? AND... Now when I post a Blog, it says, "PENDING" ...... WTF?

Did something cool happen that I am unaware of?

Jan 24, 2011 11:57 pm

So... I just wrote a blog post about a little fuckin in a dressing room.

I like sex in different places.... How bout you? Right? Right.

So.... I am going to make my First poll ever. I will title it something like, "Which place is HOTTEST?"

So I would love to get some ideas of WHERE is a Hot place to fuck it out.
Please give some ideas and I'll narrow it down to a nice poll. Gals love a nice pole.


Please add a comment on where you might like?
Jan 24, 2011 11:40 pm

Ohhh Please, Please, Please tell me your Shortest Sexual Experience?

My Shortest was about 2 minutes in a dressing room at South Coast Plaza. She was in a skirt and said it was a fantasy of hers... We had to be fast I'm sticking with "THAT'S" why it was so fast.

My best friend and I were having a drink many years ago... he told me about the first time he FINALLY had sex with his now wife (a long time friend of mine as well) whom had made him wait about 6 months before they ever had sex.
He was laughing as he told me that he was so excited that he pulled his dick out of his pants and as soon as HE touched himself to pull it out, he shot his load.
We had a good laugh.

Please tell me your Shortest Sexual Experience?
Jan 23, 2011 3:36 pm

We each have our own "Banana" when it comes to sex...
I am fairly simple; It's Legs, High Heels, Stockings, Skirts.
That's MY Banana. But SOME Bananas are a little..... ODD.

This is from some time ago, but still stands strong in my memory. I know I may have mentioned this before, but possibly it was in a casual statement....

So.... ...... I was at this "Party" and it went in the right direction.... and here I am having sex with 3 girls..

We are playing and having fun for a while and as I was the only male in this little 4some, I was getting some very appreciated attention.

After a while, some dude and his gal ask if they can join in... I look to the Girls to answer as what they decide goes... goes.

They say, "Your girl can play and you can watch and play with your girl" ... He and She say, "Cool".
I am okay with this.

So..... things are happening and all. This gal that just joined us is being slowly plowed from behind by her man as she takes her turns blowing on me and kissing and touching and so forth.... THEN... she starts kissing from my pelvic area up my stomach and to my chest.
I am lying in a somewhat reclined position upon some pillows with my arms up.

She makes her way to ...... ..... My Armpit.

She begins sucking on my armpit as her man continues to bang her from behind.

She starts moaning harder and harder as he speeds up and she starts sucking harder and harder on my armpit. ..... Fucking weird, right?

I look at the three girls with a "Can you believe this" look and they are also .... Perplexed. They go back to their biz with me and each other. Things feel so good that I don't want to move to break the moment but this girls planted in a sucking on my armpit is very distracting and ... starting to hurt a little.

She comes, he comes... they leave and I finish up with my Lady friends.

Next morning, I have this severe hicky under my arm and it fuckin hurts like hell.... I don't recommend it.

That was just probably the ultimate weirdest thing ever.

Sooooooo.... how bout you? Anything odd? AND... What's YOUR Banana?
Jan 22, 2011 10:58 pm

While I hate to hear a date did not go well.... I do so Loves me a good, funny and entertaining Story!

Please end this sentence given any experience or story you may have heard regarding a date, a blind date, a favor date, etc....


Here are a couple of examples:

"I knew this was our first and last date when I felt HER boner push up on me"

"I knew this was our first and last date when he showed up wearing sandals..... with Socks!"

"I knew this was our first and last date when I realized I was buying my own dinner"

"Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Bing, Bing, Bing. "

I hate to be a dick... but I really want to laugh at it.

Please end this sentence:


Jan 21, 2011 12:37 am

Yeah... I know I have used this pic before... but I fuckin love it.

So... I am thinking that being a Pimp really is not all the glamour and glitz that we all imagine it would be..... okay fine, nobody really sees it that way. BUT...

If I was really a PIMP, I certainly would not dress in this ridiculous outfit. I think I'd wanna lay down a more sophisticated approach...

While I personally prefer my Burberry Suit for meetings.... I still would run my biz as an established PIMP in nothing but Armani.... forget the Hugo Boss suits (too corporate... we're Pimps damn it) .... I think an Armani Suit would say, "Yeah, I wear a suit that I can't do shit in... cause it's Armani.... and the good news is: I'm a Fuckin Pimp so I don't need to do shit anyway".

But one has to start small... so I will sport this Purple Faux Fur Leopard Lapeled Silk/Rayon piece of shit until my business grows to an Armani Status.

Hats have NEVER been my thing. I hate hats... They fuck up my hair. I remember playing baseball as a kid and my coach would yell at me to put my fucking cap on when I would run out on the field. ... Had he known I was gonna be a PIMP some day, he'd watch his tongue before I take a baseball bat to his nuts.... cause that's how Pimps roll.

But then again, until I get biz running... I gotta wear this Purple Faux Fur Leopard banded... what the fuck? Is that FELT???? OMG, This is a Fucking FELT hat... it's worse than I thought! ... Well ... gotta wear this stupid hat to let peeps know I'm a Newbie for now.

For me, I don't care for Necklaces or super sized watches...And I do NOT wear rings. I like a nice Brietling Watch or to more cliche' ... I do loves me a Rolex (but I'm still a simple PIMP so I'd go with the Datejust model). And I do like ONE bracelet. I prefer white gold or platinum for the gangster PIMP that I hope to become someday...

But until that day... I gotta pace myself and wear the official "Starter Bling" that looks like Mr T's little white and wimpy jewelry hanger (me) ... but upon closer inspection (say... 10 feet) one can see that my chunk of necklaces are clearly made of plastic.
You think all this fake plastic gold jewelry is ridiculous, you should see my beginner Pimping Cock Ring.... it's just...... terrible.

These are my Versace's... they are the only Sunglasses I will wear and I have worn for the past 6 or 7 years. I love em. They are my 4th pair that I had to order cause this style is no longer on the shelves. Pimp now and Pimp later will be wearing them.

The car I'd drive will state class and Luxury... with just a touch of danger. Something Sexy yet sophisticated.

You can't see it in this pic? .. That's cause this Pimp takes the bus fool. A Pimps gotta start somewhere.

Most Pimps call em "Their Bitches" which is my understanding.... However, I am still a beginner and serenading the gals to trust that they are signing on with a good company that does not condone sexual harassment or name calling.... a company that will let them do what they want, who they want, when they want.

Business is not too good. Looks like I may be wearing this a while......

Damn... I hate wearing this outfit.

Sometimes Things Just Suck.
Jan 18, 2011 12:48 pm

This is not a Sexy blog post... Sorry. Today I am airing a little dirty laundry.
I am NOT feeling negative... so when you read this.. just know that I write this with a ridiculous smile as I shake my head.

I start by saying I LOVE my two Daughters. Love Love Love them... They are my World.

With that said, I need to go to the Courthouse this week to file for what I "HOPE" can be an appeal to a judgement that is just ..... Outrageous.

When I was married, my Ex and I had our share of financial hardships (at least in the beginning) ... we had no kids and I worked 3 jobs at some points. She worked Zero.
She would NOT get a job. She refused. We almost broke up over it at one point when I told her I needed help and this was a team venture. ... Didn't happen.

So we had kids, she said once they were in school, she'd get a job.... Didn't happen.

Years went by and I moved up the Corp ladder. We got a divorce... wonder why, right?

Courts gave me an amount to pay each month. A LARGE amount.... I paid it.
As years went by, my income grew so I started giving her even more...cause they were my kids and why not, right?

When the markets tanked, my company went out of Biz and I was laid off. Sucked.

I have been workin on some other stuff since then and all is going in the right direction... However.

Ex refused to take a reduction in her monthly income from me and took me to court. I was out of state at the time and ended up hiring a pathetic attorney to appear on my behalf.... but did nothing except just fuckin rob me.

Long Story Short, Court says I owe $100k in back child support. Wow, right?

So I had to go through my bank and collect all my bank statements over the past years (luckily she banked at the same bank so I would do a monthly transfer to her account and my statements even show her name on the transactions).

After painstakingly going line item by line item and then marrying it to an excel sheet for easier read (with supporting bank statements attached) ... I can now prove to the court that I am not "in the rears" ... but in fact, I have OVERPAID by $93,500.00

Here is the funny part and why I bring you all in...

The court refuses to look at it. They say it was a "Gift".

This can NOT be right... Right?
Can't really afford another Attorney right now... especially when it'd be in vain.
She doesn't/Won't/has Never Worked, and drives a beautiful new BMW... and I don't.


..... What helps me sleep at night is knowing I got two beautiful girls out of all this and that makes it worth it.

But still..... Sometimes Things Just Suck.
Jan 17, 2011 10:34 pm

I happened to notice in the top right corner of my blog a section that states how many people I have "BLOCKED" .... I have FIVE blocked.

In the beginning of my Blogging Life I had decided that I will allow pretty much anything to be said to me as I want to respect the opinions of others regardless of whether or not I agree, Whether it is complimentary or .... whether it is less than a compliment.

So I decided I would not "BLOCK" anyone so long as they don't attack my fellow bloggers on my blog.... However, I did find the need to block FIVE individuals... BUT ... they were NOT really individuals, they were SPAMMERS.

But that's just me. I know that there can be a good amount of Drama in this realm and some tend to have to address a need to "Lighten the Load" on Blog in order to keep it fun. Hey, it's your blog and you have that every right on whom you want to keep on or off it.

So..... TELL ME! How many people do you have BLOCKED?
I don't need the details or a "re-hashing" of a fight.... Just give a number.
Come on, just tell me. I won't tell anyone.

Also, if you are a "Chatter" in the Chat rooms... How many do you have on "IGGY" ?
( Iggy means Ignore ... for you non chatters ) I have 9 "Spammers" on Iggy.

"IF" you have a funny story attached to it, then that is cool to share.

I think it'd be fun to see who has the Least and More so, who has the MOST blocked!

Welcome To My Blog
Jan 16, 2011 3:01 pm

Welcome To My Blog...
Be Safe, Be Fun and Be Sexy!

This section welcomes (begs) you to leave a note... on anything....
The pics below are all covers of Blog Posts I have Done, I invite you to take off your shoes, relax, put on some soft jazz, I'll put on my Spiderman Pajamas....
And we'll do things I'm gonna tell my friends we did anyway.

My blog is intended to share my adventures, experiences and questions along the way.
If it offends you.... ..... sorry
.... but you "might" be on the wrong site.

Thanks For Stopping By...
You Stay Classy Senior Sizzle

Jan 16, 2011 11:03 am

.... So I head back inside the Club feeling kinda bad that I spent so much time outside with the Shugga Momma Hottie and leaving my friends inside... But hey, they're big boys and can take of themselves.

I walk along the bar to circle around to where my friends are as a girl sitting with her GF's turns to look over her shoulder. I could see her out the corner of my eye as I walked by and noticed that she was following me with her look to catch my attention.
I turned and looked at her as I passed and she says, "Hi" ... but with a curious look on her face.

I smile and say Hello as I pass but I keep heading back over to the area of the bar where my friends are sitting. After about 10 feet, I glance back to the girl and see she is talking to her GF's and one of the GF's is looking my way as they speak. Wonder what the convo is about..

I sit with my friends for a few mins, back to surveying the room and enjoying the scenery... every once in a while glancing the way of the Gals. The girl that turned around and said "Hi" continued to look as well.... But not a "flirty" kind of look... as I said a few mins ago, it was a more "curious" look.

So I waited a few mins till she looked over again and then I held eye contact with her and did a kind of smile/smirk.... after about 3 seconds, I give a look like, "What's going on?" .... She motions with her finger for me to come over to her table... I don't really come when fingered, but she does have my curiosity peaked. ( just an old joke btw, "I don't come when fingered" ) .... anyway...

I excuse myself from my friends (whom have been watching this... and are starting to hate me btw.. hahahaha) and go over to their table. 3 Girls... I am thinking if things go well, I will see if these gals want my friends to join them. The gals are cute, except for one of em... meh, my friend that owes me money can sit with the ugly one.

I arrive, I say Hello and introduce myself. They invite me to sit a moment. We do small talk for a few mins and everything seems fine. Then the girl that was staring, let's call her.... ummm... "Jen" ... leans into me to whisper in my ear.. ... I like where this is going... She comes up real close and I can smell her perfume as her lips approach my ear... I lean in to the side and she says, " I know who you are " ... then she leans back up. I look at her kinda confused and then lean back into her ear.. reaaaaalllll close and I say, " And I know who YOU are " ... she leans back and says, "Who am I?" .. I lean in and say, "You are some HOT Gal whispering in my ear and totally turning me on" ... She laughs.

She pauses for about 30 seconds, leans back into me and says, "You are a Blogger.... Lead ... I think" .... I look at her... Not sure if I feel happy to be recognized from my small blog. I mean, what are the odds, right? I am looking at her trying to remember any comments or posts from her, any interactions at all, I don't tell people where I hang out in my blog... then it occurs to me that I do tell people in the chat room where I hang out. Did she follow me here? Is she a stalker? Could she be? OMG, is she Cool? Will she spill the beans? One of my friends over at the table does NOT know that I have this secret life! OMG, did she just tell these two girls as well???... AND.. AND ... AND... She WASN'T checking me out! .... all of this registers in my head in a matter of one second.

I smile/wink and look at her for a second... she looks concerned like, "Should I have said anything?" ..... I lean in and whisper, "It's actually '2' Lead 'U' .... "

She smiles and says, "Oh yeah, that's it!" ....

I then whisper, "I think this is the first time anyone has just 'recognized' me in public ... and I am not sure how I feel about it cause I really do keep it on the DL.. Ha ha ha "

She laughs and says, "Me too... btw, my two GF's here do not know I'm on the site so please don't say anything" .... I think, okay cool so she obviously did not say anything to them.... Test number two...

I ask, "So have you and I ever chatted or anything? Perhaps we have met in the chat room?" She says, "I don't really chat and you wouldn't recognize me cause I don't have a pic"

So I ask, "No kidding... did you know I hang here?"

She says, "No... no Idea and I am surprised I even recognized you. I wasn't sure at first but I was positive when you smiled."

So we chat for a bit. My friends are invited to join the girls as well. Zero conversation about the site.... though I was nervous... very nervous.

Not sure why I was so nervous but I have done relatively well in keeping my two lives separate and i like it that way. I am lucky that this gal was cool, discrete and friendly. I also imagine that she will read this... so if you do, Thank you for the blow job.

I was thinking about this later and the idea of me getting "caught or exposed" would totally be something I could deal with as it is not that big of a deal for me... But I would prefer to keep it on the DL.

This is probably not as easy for a Female or a Male or anyone in a position of public attention...
Are any of you freaked out that you may get spotted? Recognized? Outed?

How you been recognized?

Will you be as lucky as me when you are to have someone who is intelligent to assume discretion?

What is your worst fear as far as when you could get "Outed" ???

Would it be worse at dinner with friends? Would it be worse at work?
.... imagine your profile going on email within your company!

I don't mean to freak anyone out... but hey... our dicks ARE out there.


P.S. She didn't really Blow me. That was just me messing with her in the event she reads this.
Jan 14, 2011 1:59 pm

While this is NOT the girl in this story... I gotta say, She looked just like HER... except about 5 to 10 years older... So I am using this pic.

So I am out with a couple of Buddies of mine... they did NOT feel like going out but I was able to convince them that we'd have a good time and we can do our small chit chat in the a nice setting with a view at one of Newport Beaches upscale sexy spots.... we make our way to my all time favorite haunt.. I keep that location on the DL but those that know me are very aware of it as I tend to go there at least once a week ( I use to go there bout 3 times a week but this brotha don't have the cash flow he use to have ) .... and this place was packed with many Sexy Ladies, live music.... and a shit load of douches.

So we are sitting at the bar chatting about various things... enjoying the surrounding view but pretty much keeping to ourselves as I do not wish to be a part of the wolf hunt that is happening as I see these gals covered in guys vying for their attention.

My two friends and I are discussing some trivial things as I survey the area... I spot many a Lady that I would love to give that special glazed donut face. (okay, I'm being crass.. fine, I'm just kidding) ... I spot many a Lady that I would love to spend hours getting to know their hopes and dreams and discover their very essence. ... better?

I make eye contact with a few girls in various parts of the bar... I don't smile, wave or anything... I just... notice em and let them know they are noticed... not looking to hook up tonight, just enjoying the scenery.

However, I make excellent eye contact with one gal that just catches my attention... AND I see she is with a buddy of mine that I have known for a few years... only as a regular at the club but still enough to go over and say, "Hello"... We will can him, "Allen". So I go walk over and greet him and the two 30-40something year old hotties that he is with.... Picture the typical Newport Beach wealthy 30-40 something year old hotty and that's what I'm seeing. While they were not Asian, I gotta say I was extremely bonerfied just looking at them.

So he introduces me and we all chat for a few moments... the one I thought was the hotter of the two... let's call her "Lisa" ... is really eye flirty. I eye fuck back a little... but subtly and playfully. I then excuse myself thanking them for the brief convo and state that the pleasure was mine, then I head back to sit with my friends.

No sooner do I sit with my friends, "Allen" comes and pulls me aside....

"Chris, (that's me) ... The girl Lisa is a friend of my date" he says... "We are going to her house for drinks and she wants you to come".

I say, "Oh Dude, I am here with my friends and I can't just bail like that... But I do appreciate the offer"

So he understands and goes back. He comes back a few mins later and says, "Dude, she wants to talk to you" ... ... Fine. I head back over and she turns her stool to face me.

"You are coming to my place with us" She insists.
I smile and politely say, "Oh I really wish I could but I am the one that bugged my friends to go out in the first place. I would be such a douche if I bailed on them for a beautiful gal that I just met... plus, They Drove!"

She pulls me by the coat lapel with both hands to whisper in my ear... I am slightly off balance so I gently place my hands on her knees to hold myself up. She whispers in my ear, " You come with us, have some champagne at my place. I will take you home in the morning"

I look into her eyes with a knowing smile ..... and a growing hard on as she is rubbing her high heeled, black stockinged leg up mine as I stand there now holding both her thighs in my hands.

I shake my head smiling and state that I just can't do it... perhaps another time? She says, there will not be another time...
At this moment, "Allen" pulls me aside and says, "Dude, you don't understand.. These gals are fucking rich.. one has a huge house here in Newport Coast and the other has a 6 million dollar estate in Laguna Beach down the road."
I laugh and scratch my head saying, "Well... I have been looking for a Suga Momma ... but I just don't know how to work that angle. " ... granted, I am joking... but he takes me seriously and says, "Dude, I can help you on that! They have taken me to New York and to Belize! They don't care! ..... and this gal really wants to fuck you!"

I laugh it off and say, "Brotha, I hope I am not messing up your game but I just can't do this. If she wants to get together, I may be down for that... but I am joking bout the Shugga Momma thing" ... I bid them goodbye again and head back to my friends. My friends are well aware of what is going on. One friend says, "OMG, dude.. Go with them!" ... my other friend says nothing.. I have known him for 20 years and while I know he would be cool... he would also be kinda irritated as I had to convince him to go out.

The gal comes over and takes my hand, she says, "Walk us out" ... I say, "Of course".

There is a Limo outside.. she tries to get me to sit in it for a moment with her. I know that if I sit in there, it is gonna start driving.. so I don't join her. She pulls into me and slowly kisses me, pushing her tongue into my mouth and her body against me... particularly the pelvic area... Boner starts back up... and she notices.

"You know you want to come with us" she jokes as she pushes into it. I smile and tell her that if she gives me her number, I will call her. She says, "No... it's now or never" ...

I tell her I never say never and I am sure our paths will cross again. She gets in the car.. Allen comes to me and says, "No worries dude, I'll call you and we can take these gals out another time"

... I smile and nod.

He called me this morning to give me her number stating she wants me to come over tonight..... .... too soon.

This night is not OVER! ... Something else happened when I went back inside! .... Something that was HOT ... and that I did NOT want one of my Buddies to know about!
But this blog is long enough so I will write on that part tomorrow... and I already have a title for it.
The title will be, "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE" ... sorry, but I did write enough for today.

"Just Chatting with HOT BABES ONLINE!"
Jan 13, 2011 3:07 pm

While it may seem that I have been out of the loop for a bit... Truth is that I log in just about every day. I watch... I read... I chat. .... I chat a lot.

I know, we all hate chat rooms, but I do find it fairly entertaining. I go in the chat rooms and I make jokes... Lots of jokes. Most of my jokes are amazingly witty, funny and original.... just ask me my opinion of my damn jokes and I'll tell ya.

If you know me, you know I love to flirt.... oh, and I also love sex.... weird, eh?

I have said it many times, This site offers so much for just about everyone and those that are typing or blogging, "Does anyone actually get laid on this site?" are the ones that are obviously expecting to log in and immediately find a gal that is willing to fuck them based solely on the fact that they have an internet connection.... You guys that type this are the statistic that Senior Sizzle does NOT want. You are obviously going about it wrong in your assumption that the Women on this site are ez. I am not going to get into this part so please read my previous blogs to find out what the fuck is wrong with you... believe me, it's there.

So I am in the chat rooms, I bounce between my hometown Hawaii Chat room, the Chicago Chat room (cause I like the people in there) and a few other chat rooms. I spend most of my time in the SoCal chat room.... if you ever want to find me.

So here is what I observe in these rooms.....

Oh yeah, there is a shit load of Drama. Yes, Yes, Yes... a shitload. I don't get involved in the drama... I get popcorn and watch. Thank You Dramarama bringers for the entertainment that often outweighs what is on TV... this shit is LIVE Baby.

Aside from Drama is my most curious fascination that is multiplied a hundred fold due to the anonymity of the internet.... The male pick up game. I have always been a student surveyor of this art in the bars, clubs, coffee shops, etc... and I have learned a great deal in watching how to "Pick up" a gal and how "NOT to Pick Up" a gal.
Most of the "HOW NOT TO PICK UP A GAL" can be learned from the chat rooms... P.S. - Get Popcorn for this event.

People do get laid in there though... I have seen it... and good for them, I think?

I think that if a dude were to just sit and watch the Male/Female interactions in public, they would learn so much. Amazing how absolutely STUPID and Pathetic some of these approaches are.
.... I say this cause it leads me to better understand why some gals are so jaded and have walls ready when you give them an innocent "Hello" .

Needless to say, I do not go in the Chat rooms "to find Sex" ... far from it. I enjoy chatting over watching TV. .... it is relaxing and entertaining.

So... I was recently in chat and this gal that I have seen in there a few times asked again if I wanted to "Chat Privately" or if I wanted to possibly get together. I have never met this girl.... and Yes, I do loves me some Anonymous Sex from time to time... I don't consider this truly anonymous if it is planned, set up and I have already conducted intros as well as viewed profile... to me, it is different. BESIDES.... I have my own methods in meeting people. I am not one to make a "connection" on the internet and then run out to fuck, all the while crossing my fingers that this individual will be someone that I have sexual chemistry with.... Oh, Hell No. Talk about a potentially awkward and insulting moment! The odds of that happening are actually very high as chemistry is not something that can be forced.

So anyway.... I VERY politely smile (using an emoticon of course) and share that I never meet up with someone in this manner, I prefer to first meet them at a function, a M&G, or something like that... and then see where things go from there.

Not sure why I expected her to say, "I can appreciate that" ... Possibly because she has about 50 guys messaging her begging for a meet? ... Who knows... But she was rather upset with me and started to type all in caps that she is obviously attracted to me or she wouldn't be flirting and even questioned why I was on the site...

I would not say I rejected her.... I just said that I like to take my time. People, this is why it's good to take your time as time will tell ones true nature.

I still politely stated that I enjoy the chat and I am sure that I would be fortunate if I ever get to meet her at one of these functions.

So.... this stuff happens. Live on right?

I will tell you the three types of people that I avoid like the plague in the chat rooms....

#1 Any gal that is aged 25 and under. ... the younger, the WORSE. (Granted, this does not apply to everyone, but tends to ring true for most).
These gals are jumped by the guys in the chat room to the point that they let it go to their heads and it starts to swell so badly that they really begin to believe that they can just be utterly rude to everyone.

#2 Man Hating Lesbians. I loves me some Ladies and I completely respect that fact that some Ladies are NOT AT ALL into Men... That's cool... I am somehow friends with Straight Men.. We are just friends and I assure you that we will never be playing Diddly Swords yet we can be friendly. Some Lesbians don't see that at all and just fucking Hate Men to the point that you can't even say Hello. I have also noted that they can be just as aggressive as some of the dudes mentioned above.

#3 MEN that are a part of a couple (Not All.. actually just the less experienced lifestylers that still have much to learn about peeps) .... Dude, not every guy is looking to fuck your wife. You can be friendly and say "Hello" to Males as well. Don't make me log in with my "Couples Profile" just to get you to be cordial.

So... with all this stupid shit going on in the chat rooms, why do I continue to go in????? Yes, Yes YES... I know why we hate that damn Chat rooms... but I am telling you that there are some gems buried in the murk of these places.


.... I like just about everyone. I just don't care for RUDE people. I keep it to myself as I said, I do not get involved in the Drama... I get popcorn and watch the Drama.

I have made a few friends in Chat that I absolutely adore. One of the gals, I met through Blogging.. Her name is "Curious" ... I like her as she is Wayyyyyy Cool.
I see her in chat all the time and I absolutely respect her for her intelligence, sexy profile and her fondness of people... I have never met her, but I will.

I feel the same about LeeWild out of the Chicago Chat room. I adore that gal and will someday meet her as well.

I have actually met most of the people in the Hawaii room and I can not wait to go back home and Hug em all. ... some maybe more than hug.

I want to get back into my blog and hope that with your reading, I can make more time for this. I do love to write, I do love Women... Oh God help me I love Women... and I do appreciate when you comment as it makes it all worth it in the end.

I will get back on the Bloggy Horse and see how things go.

P.S. ... I am working on Something BIG! ( I am so excited ... but more later as I am sworn to secrecy at the moment )

Thanks for Reading

HOW TO GET LAID on This Site
Jul 5, 2010 7:37 pm



PART 2: I recently wrote PART 1 A PROFILE TO GET YOU LAID! After receiving over 200 comments and tons of direct emails... I finally admit that the original was far too long a post... so I am breaking it into readable pieces with some additions as well. This is a Partial repost of an original piece that I wrote some time ago.. with a few updates. This is PART 2... Meeting People.

To the guys that continually post, "DOES ANYONE REALLY GET LAID HERE?" ... I wrote this mostly for you. I am quite certain that your question is a direct result of your approach. I used to laugh when I saw your question, now I just shake my head....
But don't worry, 2LeadU is here to help. First, I will answer your question... People really are getting laid here and I suspect that you have not put forth much effort, thought or RESPECT in figuring out the BIG FUCKING SECRET.... Soooooo....

These are my opinions... many of them common sense, most of them from experience... but alas, just my opinions on what works for me.



Yes, send emails you idiot. Conduct a search for ONLY what you are interested in. In the email,


1. Say, "You're Hot, wanna fuck?" ... dude, how old are you? LOL
2. Attach a pic of your cock.
3. Copy and paste what you sent to the last girl/guy.
4. Talk about what you want to do to them.
5. Ask them to hook up. (ease into it, show that you have class and style)
6. Never ask to meet on your first email. Shows lack of tact.


1. Tell them why you choose them to email.
2. Refer to something in their profile to establish sincerity.
3. Tell them what you like about their profile (Try not to make it just their Body)
4. Add HUMOR if you can! EVERYONE loves a sense of humor. Shows intelligence.
5. You can say that you did a search on what you are looking for and they appeared.
6. Tell them that you would be interested in learning more about them.
7. Respond quickly. Sparks burn out fast with moods.
8. Set your account to text your phone when you get a message.


Once someone shows interest in your email and you have exchanged a couple messages and want to suggest meeting, where do you go? You can refer to what they wrote in the email as well as their profile to figure out what a win would be. If you suggest they just come to your place... you have a 50/50 shot of losing their attention... yet, there is a SMALL chance they'd come. I recommend that you suggest a place that is public and tell them that you are only suggesting that because you want them to be comfortable meeting you. They will respect that. If they say they ARE comfortable with you, then you might suggest something a little more bold... BUT make sure you tell them that you are aware of the boldness so they dont think you are a jerk. I often suggest at a coffee house but I do admit it is so cliche. Think of something more creative than me. PLEASE. LOL
Also, it is not a bad idea to suggest a place close to your house so that in the event that sex is in the air, you are prepared.
DO NOT suggest meeting at a hotel lobby. They will immediately think you are married and a douche.


The best way to meet a lot of people online is via a chat room in your area. If you are confident in your personality and can spell, you will find that hanging in a chat room and just having fun is the best way to get people familiar and COMFORTABLE with you.
Dont go into the chat room expecting someone to fuck you tonight. I see that EVERY DAMN DAY. You guys are terrible. These are also the same guys that complain that they get no action. If you are going to cam... Stop asking the room if your cam is working in order for someone to look... That makes you look perverted, pathetic and is a cry for attention that nobody respects. Again, treat the chat room like a bar, coffee house, or whatever... TALK to people like they are people... flirting will happen and then who knows what. Just know that everyone sees you and what you say. If you want to hit on someone... go ahead.. respectfully... BUT... if you hit on every person that comes in the room, you will loose credibility. I also see couples or girls say, "Who wants to come over and play tonight" and then see guys clamor to it... DUDE.... You just told the room that you will fuck ANYTHING. Show some decorum, self respect and that you are selective in where you sleep.
If you are cool, respectful and consistent in the Chat room, people will get to know you, trust you, recommend you and LIKE you.
1. Dont offer to pound someones shitter! (seen it typed)
2. Dont belittle people.
3. Dont type in all CAPS.
4. Dont talk about other people.
5. Dont get caught up in Drama.
6. Dont be a dick.
7. Dont ask to hook up tonight.
1. Say HELLO to everyone.
2. Type smileys.
3. Make fun jokes (not at the expense of others)
4. Refer to peoples profiles and point out good things about them publicly.
5. READ their profiles! People are so complimented by that.
6. Make friends.
7. Ask people to meet you back in the room. It's safe, shows you have respect.
8. Be consistent in there. Creates relationships and clues you in on events happening.


I discovered "Blogging" some time back and found it to be a fantastic way to "Get to know somebody" before meeting them. It is very easy for someone to weave a fantastic image of themselves, their values, their intentions, etc... But it is a little more effort when they need to "Maintain" it... ergo, BLOG it.
Blogging is a great way to express yourself, your ideas, your wants and desires... and also a way to allow others to develop a taste for you. You may be surprised that your email gets far more active one you establish yourself as a real person and show that you can write, have a mind and have a damn thought once in a while.
Back to the Basic understanding here... Most Women know you have a dick, and much to your dumbass dismay, they sometimes expect something a little more to be attached to that dick. A blog is a perfect way to show who is behind that massive, impressive, wall crushing cock of yours.
BLOG WARNING: Bloggers are a smart group... don't insult them with one view or opinion to please the reader and then suddenly have an entirely different view to please another reader later... The blog community here is small, intelligent and ready to bust your ass in the event you expose yourself as a fake.
BLOG COMFORT: Don't be a fake... be yourself and I promise that you will be loved, viewed, msg'd and promoted. Some of the best Male Bloggers on the site are Men that just lay it out on the table and show that they are real ... I respect that in them.... and more importantly, the Ladies adore it (as long as it is sincere).

M&G's (Meet and Greets)-

Just about all areas have regular M&G's. This is a Party where people get together like any other social forum. Do not go there expecting to get laid... they are not orgies. M&G's are the absolute best way to meet people in this lifestyle. A great thing about the M&G's (especially for girls or couples) is that you can go there, meet people and leave without the awkwardness. Often when a couple meets, they find that the other couple is not exactly "their cup of tea" but now they are STUCK there trying to figure out the most polite and respectful way OUT! A M&G gives an opportunity to meet them and THEN decide whether they are of interest. I confess that I have gone to M&G's that later resulted in sex the same night but NEVER went there expecting that to happen. Again, It is just like any bar... you meet people, you MIGHT have sex... you MIGHT not. If you go expecting to get laid, you probably wont. To find out where the next M&G is, go into the local chat room and politely say, "Hello Room, I am kinda new in here and I would be interested in information on the next M&G" ... There will always be friendly people to assist you with the info.
At the M&G's... dont get too drunk and make an ass out of yourself. Please be respectful and DO NOT TOUCH!!!!! You will likely be asked not to ever come back.


M&G's can often result in "House Parties" ... House parties are where it's at Baby.
Be prepared though, Some house parties are just all out orgies (Again, ASK BEFORE YOU TOUCH!) while other house parties operate just like a typical M&G but play happens in another area of the house. ... OR... the House Party is exactly that... Just a Party. Dont act like a fool at these. If you are fortunate enough to get invited to these, know that they are always on the DL and you should not be telling anyone about it! These are usually a limited guest list that was carefully selected. Nobody wants to hurt the feelings of others... AND, don't invite anyone without going through the host! Nobody wants a complete stranger in their house for such an intimate gathering! ... Come on people! Respect their house and their families.


There is an etiquette to this lifestyle. Most of it is common sense if you have any manners at all. You MUST establish yourself as a mature person (intellectually) with respect for relationships and other people. I see so many guys say, "Well, this is a sex site, isnt it?" .... Dude, NO, THIS IS NOT A SEX SITE. THIS IS WHY YOU DONT GET LAID. This is a site that is a FORUM for like minded individuals to find each other. You will never escape the world of decency, respect and manners. If you want to be successful on this site, you must approach it in a manner that MOST of the people here love sex. They wish to enhance, explore, fantasize and sometimes play with those that may be a piece of what they are looking for. It is your job to find out what YOU want out of this and then explore where you fit in other peoples fantasies. You are rarely going to find a profile that says, "Hey guys, I am a hot female that will fuck anybody or anything that has a cock" ...
If you want this to work for you, find where your "niche" is in fulfilling someone elses needs and you will find yourself with a full appointment book. Dont say you are selective, BE SELECTIVE.
Senior Sizzle Etiquette is simple... be a nice sexy person and you will find nice sexy people.

Mistakes - People that dont take care of their shit. Bring your game. SHAVE, TRIM, GROOM, WASH, DEODORIZE, BRUSH, DRESS APPROPRIATELY.
Big Mistakes - Dont touch before asking!
Dumb Asses - Dont say stupid shit like "Who wants their ass pounded?"
Respect - Talk to peeps like they are someone... not something.
Humor - Make jokes. Make em smile. Women are turned on by Humor.
Friends - Make em, respect em, keep em.


Guys and Gals... this has surprised me as I have seen/heard of GUYS more guilty of this than others.... RESPECT that the other person in the couple that you just played with is WITH that other person!! OMG, do NOT try to establish a "Connection" with someone else's GF/BF or Spouse!!! Or... if you find yourself getting jealous that they may be playing with others.... ummm, They are NOT YOURS to worry about! What the hell is wrong with you?!!??? If you think you "felt a connection" with that person.... you are wrong and should merely chalk it up to an awesome time!!!! Couples are not on this site to find a better lover/mate. The real couples in this lifestyle are here to enhance and explore the wonderful thing they ALREADY have without your psycho ass fucking it up by thinking that because they kissed you, sucked you, fucked you; they want YOU now. Honestly, if you are feeling emotionally attached after one or two meetings, you are probably very new to this lifestyle and may have your heart too closely attached to your genitals. I don't say this last line as an insult, but you are not ready for this lifestyle as much as you may think you are and God Bless you for caring about someone.... but don't get attached to someone else's someone! You are the drama that NOBODY wants and regrets ever playing with you. You are the guy/girl that is the reason for such scrutiny on this site and once again.... you keep me from getting laid! Don't do that... I like getting laid... it's nice.


OMG... this frustrates the hell out of me. Where do I begin? ??????
I will start with the dudes -

GUYS- approach this as a bar scene. These are real ladies and they are going to react to you the same way as they would in public. The good news is that you found a "Virtual Bar" when the women tend to be more open to sex. Respect is not to be forgotten (Notice how many times I bring up this word RESPECT, that should tell you something dickhead). Dont turn into a STALKER! So many guys in here tend to become possessive with a girl... DONT! Some guys aren't stalkers, but they do get attached and want more, this is understandable to feel some attachment if you meet someone that you like, you are still human. But did you come here looking for LOVE??? In the event that you do form a bond of some type, remember where you found them. Dont hold it against them later! .... and if you are going to play with couples, please read the section above titled, "Major Fuck Ups".

GIRLS - God love you, dont get attached. You met us on a sex site ladies. If you are looking for love, please go to the more "Harmoneous Sites" to find that. I see so much drama because a girl discovers that the dude was playing with someone else or flirting with someone else. Ladies, please read our profiles, listen to what we say... odds are that we are not looking for LOVE... especially in here. I'm sorry, but that is reality. I love a big heart in a woman, I respect that, I WILL seek that when I am ready... but for here, for now... this is me. .... and if you are going to play with couples, please read the section above titled, "Major Fuck Ups".

COUPLES - Wow, you are the most intricate... If you are a couple, try to present yourselves as that. Please dont be the guy that pushes his hot girlfriend out as bait in order to get himself laid. Granted, there are MANY/MOST couples out there only seeking a girl, that is totally cool. But if you are seeking another couple, bring your full package. You have to approach this with the mindset that you are going to be playing with others and you must be able to picture your other half riding another person and LOVING it. If that bothers you, then you may want to slow down and talk a little. It is a shame to see great couples break up over this. I have been involved in a number of MMF's, FFM's, MFMFMFMFFFMM's, etc... and in EVERY one of them, I must share that it is very important that the male half and I talk first. I need to know that he is cool with it. I need to know what he wants to see her do and what he does NOT want to have happen. OF COURSE the lady is the final say on EVERYTHING, that goes without saying, but it is important that guidelines and expectations are set in advance. My advice to Couples is to always have a CODE... I have seen/heard of couples playing where one of them did NOT want to go through with it, but was pressured to do so while their mate had NO IDEA that they felt such pressure and this turns into a big problem once they get home. ie: Man says, "I thought you were cool with it and wanted to" ... Gal says, "NO. But I couldnt say anything, I was in an awkward position". ... Wow! Talk about guilt and possibly killing further play dates! USE A CODE. A good code is: "Honey, can you get me some water with no ice?" ( I used this with my playmate). The code was if she ever said "NO ICE", it meant she was not game and I would therefore make sure that play was not on the menu. This avoided me making her look like the party pooper... and kept our play always fun.
Also, this is just me.... I don't believe in "Taking one for the Team". Those come back to haunt you... You take one, You'll owe one.
.... and if you are going to play with couples, please read the section above titled, "Major Fuck Ups". LOL, I can't stress that enough.


Yes, Yes, Yes... I know that some great couples have evolved from meeting on this site... I know many personally and that is so awesome. It does happen... but like any relationship, it happens naturally. Those people are extremely fortunate to find each other and I wish them the best.

I really hope that reading this was not a waste of time.
As Always, I appreciate and want your comments/feedback.... and
Play Sexy but Play Safe.


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